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Thursday, August 11, 2005

MICK JAGGER of The Rolling Stones bashes Christians and the Bush Administration in his new song....

In an article today here, it is reported that Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones says his new song is "not an anti-Bush tirade." It's true he does not name Bush specifically, but content of the wording clearly refers to President Bush and his administration---and Jaggers' bashing is blatantly critical, not "seemingly critical."

But, what is also alarming is Mick Jagger's bashing of "Christians" in the song---referring to Christians as "hypocrites." These Christian-bashing lyrics were shown this morning on Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends show. The words are clear and unmistakeable.

This Rolling Stones song just further amplifies the depraved entertainment industry's contempt for all morals and values, contempt for civil discourse and a civil society, and contempt for all things Christian. These secular-humanists must all have become card-carrying members of the anti-Christian socialist ACLU.
"Jagger Says Song Not an Anti-Bush Tirade"

"The Rolling Stones' upcoming album contains a song seemingly critical of President Bush, but Mick Jagger denies it's directed at him...." "It is not really aimed at anyone," Jagger said.... "It's not aimed, personally aimed, at President Bush. It wouldn't be called 'Sweet Neo Con' if it was."

The song is from the new album, "A Bigger Bang," set for release Sept. 6. There is no mention of Bush or Iraq. But it does refer to military contractor Halliburton, which was formerly run by Vice President Cheney and has been awarded key Iraq contracts, and the rising price of gasoline. "How come you're so wrong? My sweet neo-con, where's the money gone, in the Pentagon," goes one refrain.

The song also includes the line: "It's liberty for all, democracy's our style, unless you are against us, then it's prison without trial." "It is certainly very critical of certain policies of the administration, but so what! Lots of people are critical," Jagger told "Extra."

A representative for the Stones said the group had no further comment about the song...."

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