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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Long-time suppressors of negative news about Hillary Clinton, hard-left allied mainstream media does Hillary's dirty work against Jeanine Pirro....

No surprise, here.... Throughout the 1992 presidential campaign, eight years in the White House, and over 4 years since, the liberal left mainstream media have protected both Bill and Hillary Clinton against negative coverage of all their scandals and scandalous behavior.

However, they now pull out all the stops---scrounging for dirt on New York's Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro, from the minute she got her announcement that she would run for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton out of her mouth. And they wasted no time getting that old news to press---presented as, of all things, news....

In the article excerpted below, you can read a partial list of protections the MSM have provided for Hillary Clinton since she became a U.S. Senator. Just as they are censoring and hiding news of the Air America fraud scandal, they are still carrying Iron Matron Hillary's water for her.

Just a few weeks ago, The New York Times literally changed a statement Hillary Clinton had made that she is "against illegal aliens," printing it in an article about her speech, in which she said those exact words, as: "I'm against illegal alien immigration." The Times literally changed the meaning of Clinton's statement, to turn it from a negative to a positive.

You can read the entire article about the political protection racket being run by the MSM for Hillary Clinton here.
"Media Doing Hillary's Dirty Work"

"Senate candidate Jeanine Pirro's spokesman Mike McKeon was right on target Friday when he blamed Hillary Clinton's "attacks dogs and their surrogates" for digging up a four-year-old campaign contribution from a Connecticut company with alleged mob ties.

On Saturday, the New York Daily News, which gave the story major coverage, vigorously denied any Clinton connection, insisting, "The News obtained the information from campaign and court records and had no contact with Clinton or any of her aides in drafting the story."

The truth is, the News - along with the rest of its mainstream brethren - doesn't need to get its marching orders direct from Hillary's attack machine. New York's lockstep liberal media will be only too happy to do Mrs. Clinton's dirty work for her.

The evidence?

Pirro's Senate campaign is less than a week old - and already the press has bombarded its readers with coverage of her husband's tax fraud conviction and out-of-wedlock child, with a Lexis Nexis search turning up 34 reports mentioning both of Mr. Pirro's transgressions in the same story.

Compare that to the coverage of Hillary Clinton. In all of last year - while the press has been rife with speculation that the former first lady intends to seek the White House - a Lexis Nexis search for stories on Mr. Clinton's "impeachment" that also mentioned the "sexual assault" allegations that surfaced at the time came up empty.

Reporters have pronounced Mrs. Clinton "scandal free" since leaving the White House, but that's demonstrably untrue. In fact, while her press coverage has been "scandal free" - the scandals themselves have continued unabated.

Here's a few highlights from Hillary's Senate career that have been ignored by the same reporters currently digging up dirt on Jeanine Pirro:

• Viagra for sex offenders: Just three months ago the media was filled with reports that 200 sex offenders in New York State alone were receiving free Viagra on Medicaid - courtesy of a federal mandate enacted by the Clinton adminsitration.

The media expended barrels of ink covering the scandal, but never mentioned where the idea for the Viagra giveaway came from. When Sen. Clinton condemned the program herself, not a single reporter dared point out that it originated under her co-presidency.

• Meetings with 9/11 Families: According to liberal media mogul and one-time Clinton defender Steve Brill, Hillary Clinton personally lied to him about meeting with dozens of 9/11 victim families. In a 2003 radio interview, Brill said Mrs. Clinton had her office supply him with documentation to prove the meetings took place.

After checking with the families themselves, however, "None of it turned out to be true," Brill said. "They gave me documents and phone calls and things like that which just plain never happened." Media coverage of Hillary's outrageous 9/11 lie? A single mention on the New York Post's gossip page.

• Hillary Forced to Apologize to Police: Next May will mark the sixth anniversary of the only instance in U.S. history where a sitting first lady was compelled to issue a written apology to an entire police department.... Not a single mainstream outlet covered it.

Mrs. Clinton was on the hotseat after an American-flag carrying honor guard of Albany police was spit upon at her May 2000 Senate nominating convention. Afterwards her then-opponent, New York City Mayor Rudy Giluliani, complained that Clinton's supporters were guilty of assault. He called for an investigation.

After a smattering of reports.... news editors quickly deep-sixed the story. But police union officials in Albany continued to complain. After nine embarrassing days of stonewalling, Hillary decided to apologize to Albany Police Chief John Neilsen.... Press coverage of Hillary's historic police apology? Zilch [except for NewsMax.] Imagine Mrs. Pirro getting a pass after acknowledging responsibility for supporters who spit on cops.

• Bashing Bush in the Arab Press: The unwritten rule of American politics used to be that foreign policy differences ended at the water's edge. But in May 2004, Hillary Clinton buried that venerable tradition.... when she gave an interview to an Arab press outlet charging that President Bush's incompetent prosecution of the Iraq war was endangering both U.S. soldiers and innocent Iraqis:

Here's how the Iranian newspaper Mehr covered her comments:
"Referring to the Bush Administration policies as arrogant and insolent, the wife of the former U.S. president further added that Bush is not willing to admit his mistakes in Iraq, the grave mistakes that have endangered the lives of both the Iraqi people and the U.S. servicemen alike." [ Bush's mistakes, she added, "have also threatened peace and stability in the region."

Clinton's outburst was ballyhooed by news outlets from Islamabad to Cairo. But the American press decided it wasn't newsworthy that the remarks of a future presidential candidate, criticizing the commander-in-chief at a time of war, were being heralded in enemy capitals. They reported not a word.

• Goon Squads: Longtime Clinton advance man Patrick Halley recently revealed that he had an unorthodox way of handling protesters who turned up at Hillary's events: He hired "goon squads" to intimidate and harass hecklers - and beat them up, if necessary.

"Less genteel souls sometimes referred to them as goon squads," wrote Halley.... he admitted the enforcers "could certainly be intimidating if the occasion called for it...." Press interest in the fact that a sitting first lady relied upon "goon squads" to keep a lid on her critics? Absolutely zero - beyond a single mention on the New York Post's gossip page....

The challenge for Jeanine Pirro: Recognize that the mainstream media intends to conduct itself as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Clinton campaign - and call them on it. And Pirro shouldn't shy away from pointing out that the same reporters currently focusing on her personal life have spent the last six years covering-up Mrs. Clinton's dirty laundry...."

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