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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Extremist hate-speech spewing terrorist advocate Imam fights deportation from Britain....

This welfare-receiving extremist Islamic Imam says it is "unfair" for Britain to deport him. Heh! This hate-spewing parasite has benefitted from the public dole while preaching murder of Brits "wherever, whenever...."

Terrorist promoter Imam Sheik Omar Bakri received $450K in welfare payments, $450 a week in disability benefits and a free state-supplied car---all while living in a $350K house. So, where did the money come from to buy the $350K house? Did Bakri defraud the British government?

Now he is pandering to the British public and government, playing on them for sympathy for his extended family of many wives and their offspring, et al. No telling how much all the rest of them are getting from the public dole. And no telling how much hatred for British citizens and the West Bakri has indoctrinated all members of his extended family with or how many of them are facilitating terrorism.

You can read about this audacious position of the parisitic Sheik below and here.
"Welfare Imam: Deportation Not Fair"

"A hate-spewing imam who has collected over $450,000 in welfare payments from the British government is complaining it would be unfair to deport him because it would cause his four wives and their families to suffer.

Speaking after Prime Minister Tony Blair announced a new get-tough policy to rid the country of terrorist-sympathizers, Sheik Omar Bakri told London's Daily Mail: "I have wives, children, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law. It would be hard on my family if I was deported."

In past rants, Shiek Bakri has lauded the 9/11 hijackers as "magnificent" and declared as recently as January that Britain had become a "land of war." .... Bakri "has supported suicide bombings and urged his followers to kill non-Muslims 'wherever, whenever.'"

The agitating imam has been living on the dole for 20-years. A childhood injury to his leg has allowed Bakri to claim a disability, which netted him a state-supplied car and $450-a-week benefit payments. The Brit-bashing shiek also lives in a $350,000 home in North London.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Blair vowed to deport terrorist-sympathizing immigrants like Bakri. "They can't come here and start inciting our young people in communities to take up violence against British people here," he warned. "And if you do that, you're going to go back."

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