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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

An editorial about strengthening ties and cooperation with one of our long-time allies, INDIA....

This is an excellent editorial from The Florida-Times Union in Jacksonville, FL, that follows shortly after a visit by Indian Prime Minister Manmouhan Singh of India to meet with President George W. Bush at the White House. The joint press conference after that meeting was one of the best I've seen, especially the astute observations of P.M. Singh.

You can find postings in PelicanPost's July archives about this important meeting and press conference.

This editorial can be read below or here.
"INDIA: Enhancing alliances"

"As a counterweight to the growing Communist economy of China, the United States needs to strengthen its relationships with its longtime ally, India.

As President Bush said at a White House meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmouhan Singh: "India and the United States are separated by half the globe. Yet, today our two nations are closer than ever before. The ties that bind us are enriched by the hundreds of thousands of Americans of Indian origin. These citizens contribute a lot to America's vitality.

Today, these Americans are leaders in their professions in business and science, in space exploration and technology, and in many other fields. And the United States is a better place because of the thousands of students who come here from India to study in our universities."

There are several issues pending. India would like assistance for its nuclear power program, but India has not signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. India also wants a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council as the most populous democracy in the world.

Thomas Donnelly of the American Enterprise Institute says that "the United States needs to cultivate its relationships with nations like India that share our security concerns and our political principles and understand the ongoing necessity for military power."

Closer ties between the two nations certainly are in order. As Singh joked, "We have all grown up learning the story of the unfinished voyage of Christopher Columbus. Setting sails to reach India, he discovered America. I now invite the people of America to complete the voyage of that great explorer."

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