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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Based on lies & distortions of VVAW founder & anti-war activist John Kerry, "Winter Soldier," will air again, to undermine U.S. troops & the Iraq War.

Knowing that airing of this hit-piece anti-Vietnam War schlockumentary would torpedo his presidential campaign, Senator John Kerry nixed the airing of "Winter Soldier" until now, when he can use it to torpedo the Iraq War---just as he did the Vietnam War---with the help of U.S. Senators Fulbright and Ted Kennedy who arranged for Kerry's false testimony, against all American troops who fought in Vietnam, to the U.S. Congress.

Kerry was still an officer in the U.S. Navy when he founded the Veterans Against the Vietnam War [VVAW] and when he met with Communist North Vietnamese Viet Kong officials on at least two occasions in Paris, France to assist them in propagandizing and in winning a dishonorable peace treaty that resulted in a U.S. exit from Vietnam and the death or oppression of millions of S. Vietnamese people.

Kerry deliberately falsely accused American troops of atrocious war crimes---with no proof whatsoever. He said he himself participated in war crimes. Kerry compiled lies in his book "The New Soldier," lied to the U.S. Congress, and arranged for others to lie---to slander and defame the ca. 150K American troops who fought to secure and protect the freedom of the South Vietnamese people---and to end the war in favor of the Communist Viet Kong. Likewise, "Winter Soldier" is full of such lies.

In other words, John Kerry was---and is---an American traitor, who caused his fellow troops to return home after the war to be scorned, spat upon and denigrated. He has never had the courage to tell the truth about what happened. And he has never had the courage to apologize for "fragging" and dishonoring brave American troops who fought and died in the service of their country.

He was and is a shameless liar---a fact he cannot change, no matter how many more lies he tells or how much of his record he continues to cover up along with his original dishonorable discharge from the Navy. He is still a cowardly liar waging a political war against American troops now fighting the War Against Terror, of which the Iraq War is a part. He is what he is....

More below and here, where there is also further information on this topic and a picture of the young officer John Kerry with his lifetime mentor and fellow anti-war, anti-defense, anti-America comrade---Ted Kennedy. You can also look back through PelicanPost archives for many previous postings and pictures on this topic.
"'Winter Soldier' Vietnam Distortion Rides Again"

"The 34-year-old antiwar documentary "Winter Soldier," which famously features, for about a minute of its 95 minutes, young Vietnam vet John Kerry, is poised for its first significant theatrical release in the U.S., according to the New York Times. And that fact has some Vietnam Veterans, who believe the film was thoroughly discredited, hopping mad.

The film's renaissance is scheduled for Friday at the Film Society of Lincoln Center – followed by other public screenings in Chicago, Detroit, Hartford, Minneapolis and other venues. The film's distributors claim that the war in Iraq has made the Vietnam-era film as relevant as when it was a campy favorite on the nation's college campuses.

But B.G. Burkett, Vietnam veteran and author of "Stolen Honor: How the Vietnam Generation Was Robbed of Its Heroes and Its History," tells NewsMax, "It's amazing how a paper like the New York Times would publish such a story without vetting or commenting on the claims [of atrocities] in the film.

"It's pretty much settled now that much of the so-called atrocities [were] the product of outright fabrications and some even offered by persons with criminal records. "Some of this stuff is ludicrous on its face," adds Burkett, "but it's being offered as gospel."

Burkett singles out Scott Camil, a former Marine scout and forward artillery observer, who in the film confides, "If I had to go into a village and kill 150 people just to make sure there was no one there to kill me when we walked out, that's what I did."

Burkett recalls.... a gathering at Texas Tech University where the whole phenomenon of Vietnam Vets Against the War was being addressed. When Camil made a comment directed at Burkett, the author recalls firing back, "Aren't you the same Camil that wanted to assassinate eight U.S. senators?"

Indeed, the VVAW reportedly voted on the draconian assassination measure to off the hawkish lawmakers – a vote, Burkett says, in which Kerry participated....

Made at a three-day gathering in 1971 of Vietnam veterans telling of alleged atrocities they had reportedly seen and committed, "Winter Soldier" was later shown at the Cannes and Berlin film festivals, on screens in France and England, and on German television.

The Iraq Connection: "The context is why we wanted to do it," said Amy Heller, co-owner with her husband, Dennis Doros, of Milestone Films.... One of the apparent pretexts for releasing "Winter Soldier" now is that the U.S. is involved in an unpopular war in Iraq....

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