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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The ACLU.... an organized & subversive legal profession crime family that makes millions suing the government....

The ACLU---professional bringers of lawsuits against federal, state and local governments, municipalities and school districts all over the United States---is costing American taxpayers millions for payment of their huge legal fees.

They are also breakers of the law, in that they have illegally used personal information belonging to their own members---for their own purposes. They have also been shredding documents like mad lately.

So, what's going on here? Why is the ACLU allowed to bring endless lawsuits to tear down our Constitutional democratic republic and the morals and values that are its underpinnings? And why is the ACLU allowed to drain public monies in support of their anti-U.S. government, anti-religion, anti-life, secular humanist and socialist agendas?

Now the ACLU is trying to prevent homeland security measures that will protect the American public from terrorist attacks, by bringing still and yet another lawsuit against the government--- to undermine the government's ability to protect our country and all its citizens.

What's wrong with this picture? It appears the ACLU is on the side of the global terrorists. They need to be thoroughly investigated and prevented from abusing the American legal system and using the courts to accommodate their subversive pursuits.

More info in editorial below or here.
"TERRORISM: Stopping the bad guys"

"In the aftermath of the London bombings, police are inspecting bags at some New York City subway stations. Surely, nobody has a problem with that, since the Big Apple seems to be al-Qaida's American target of preference.

Well . . . almost nobody. The New York Civil Liberties Union.... has asked a federal court to ban those random checks on the grounds that they are both ineffective and unconstitutional. The first argument is moot. Judges don't have the authority to overturn policies they think may be ineffective.

The second is specious. The Fourth Amendment does require a warrant, based on probable cause, to search a private residence. But the foremost duty of any government is to protect its people, so there is no reasonable expectation of privacy when one carries a bag into a crowded subway station during a terrorism scare.

A man's home is his castle; the government's subway is not. In airports, bags have been routinely searched for years -- and for good reason. What sense does it make to protect air travelers but not those commuting by rail?

That may be an inconvenience to some -- and, for reasons that we cannot fathom, an affront to others. But, if so, it's a small price that we, as a society, must pay to protect innocent American lives and win the war on terrorism...."

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