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Are obstructionist U.S. Senate Democrats interested in the administration of justice.... or just controlling justice....?

It appears obstructionist U.S. Senate Democrats believe some folks are just more equal than other folks.... when it comes to administration of justice and interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. And then, it appears there are some folks whom they believe deserve no just or equal treatment under any conditions.

Falling within the latter category is John G. Roberts, Jr., whom President Bush has nominated to be the next Supreme Court Justice. Since that nomination, the hard-left obstructionist Senate Dems have been scavenging for any shred of information that can be distorted and used against Roberts---including his wife and her personal beliefs.

At the same time, those Dems have been throwing down bright orange litmus test markers on abortion and religion---and setting the parameters for what constitutes the "mainstream," into which the nominee must twist himself to be approved.

Well, I say we need to take a long hard look at the parameters for constitutional, ethical and professional conduct of U.S. Senators engaged in the advice and consent process.... and grade them daily on their conduct in this role they are constitutionally mandated and sworn to perform.

One conduct marker should be their use of unconstitutional legislative holds and filibusters. Nominees are not legislation. Another conduct marker should be their lack of civility and a fair process---with an up or down vote for approval. A third marker should be their use of partisan political litmus tests. A fourth marker should be their use of politics of personal destruction attacks against the nominee.

Dems' destructive personal attacks cause us to think of them in Shakespeare's words, to wit: "Thou art spacious in the possession of dirt.... In civility thou seemst so empty.... You do unbend your noble strength, to think so brainsickly of things.... Assume a virtue if you have it not.... Thou puking idle-headed maggot pie...."

If any of their unconstitutional obstructions are used and conduct markers are violated, the Senators should be ruled out of order and referred to the Ethics Committee. Then a simple majority vote should be called and the nominee, if approved, be voted out of Committee for an up or down vote of the full Senate---another simple majority vote. The Constitution does not require a super-majority vote for the Advice and Consent process.

Of course, it's a "nuclear option." And the Senate Dems will blow up.... But then, they have long since declared war on the Bush Administration and most all of Bush's nominees. So, why not fight back for a change....? It's only fair....

What's that old saw.... "all's fair in love and war....?" Well, as Shakespeare didn't quite say.... Screw loving them, this is war! And losing it is not an option....!

BLOG ROUNDUP: On subject of Air America scandal and so on....

This is an amazing example of mainstream media censoring coverage of the Air America's "$480K taxpayer funding diversion scandal," in which they took public money from its intended purposes and diverted it to the network's non-public use. Brian Maloney at radioequalizer has extensive coverage of this, as does michellemalkin. Radioblogger has posted Hugh Hewitt's interview of Brian Maloney, which is a good read.
Ed Morrissey at Captains Quarters has a posting, "Roberts Papers Reveal The Conservative Within," where the WaPo reveals that "(surprise!) Roberts will not transform into the second coming of David Souter." Captain Ed then adds that "It doesn't take long for the Post to try to gin up a bogeyman, however, as it describes Roberts as "expressing hostility to affirmative action programs and to a broad application of the Voting Rights Act." Expressing hostility? That's editorial-speak for opposing interpretations of both not grounded in the law."
This posting by Glenn Reynolds can be found at Instapundit: "I'VE BEEN QUITE CRITICAL OF SECURITY CAMERAS in the past. Now Heather MacDonald takes the opposing view." [Note from PelicanPost: we agree with Heather MacDonald on security cameras and cite the effectiveness of the cameras in the quick track-down and arrest of the second cell of terrorist bombers in the United Kingdom, Italy and Egypt. We're in a worldwide war against Islamic extremist terrorists and need maximum security. For the innocent, it should not be a problem. For the guilty: too bad! Take your bombs and shove them....]
From Lashawn Barber's Corner , we find this posting, "Shut mouths and open bags"

"When the ideas of the left come into view, the themes often include the closing of Guantanamo, attacks on the Patriot Act, opposition to military recruitment on campuses, casual mockery of patriotism and a failure to admit that defeating terrorism will require some tradeoffs between security and civil liberties...." Interesting read.
"Meanwhile, Islamofascists are preparing to kill more London commuters."

This posting by Trevino at on the subject of: "The United States is being evicted from the K2 airbase in Uzbekistan. From the beginning of the Afghan war, K2 was a vital staging area for American and Allied forces.... This was particularly so in fall 2001, when the Northern Alliance held only its thin strip of territory in the far north of Afghanistan. K2 has been useful since then -- in the few Afghan missions I've been tangentially involved with, we always staged out of there -- but its strategic importantance is considerably less since the occupation of Bagram.

The United States also has use of airfields at Quetta in Pakistan and Manas in Kyrgyzstan. The latter is a significant staging area and will probably, along with Bagram in-country, pick up the missions that were previously staged out of K2. Following Chinese-inspired threats of eviction from Manas, Secretary Rumsfeld just returned from Central Asia, where he secured assurances of Allied use of Manas for the foreseeable future...." [Hat tip: Redstate]
At the website of Middle East expert danielpipes, there is a *****Five Star, must read posting, "Symposium: The Showdown," by Jamie Glazov. The symposium transcript covers panel discussion re: "The rise to power of Islamic hard-liner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran has spelled precarious danger for the West. An Islamic fundamentalist who is determined to continue Iran's nuclear ambitions, Ahmadinejad has brought the inevitable confrontation between Iran and the U.S. to a head...."

To discuss the coming showdown, the distinguished panel includes:
"Dr. Patrick Clawson, the Deputy Director at the The Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Kenneth Timmerman, a best-selling investigative reporter and the author of the new book Countdown to Crisis: The Coming Nuclear Showdown with Iran. Visit his website at

Dr. Daniel Pipes, ( columnist, director of the Middle East Forum and author of Miniatures (Transaction Publishers)"

Is the anti-war mainstream media fanning the fires of the Islamofascist terrorist war against America & western democracies....?

BIG QUESTION: Does the mainstream media kill....?

Answer: Absolutely! BIG TIME!

With its worldwide reach, the mainstream media's propaganda and biased coverage spreads to the four corners of the earth---undermining the war, politically "fragging" our troops and allies fighting the war, facilitating terrorist recruiting, and inciting Islamic extremist terrorists to kill all Westerners.... and all Iraqi Muslims who are fighting for their freedoms and democracy....

Here is a prime example of bias in mainstream media reporting about the war.... and the media-swarm attack on reporter who exposed their anti-war bias

Here we have a *****Five Star, must read example of how the biased mainstream media who prefer to lead their reporting with "whatever bleeds" in the war---and rarely report on progress and accomplishments in reconstruction and developing of a viable democracy---treat one of their own who ventured to reverse that process and fisk media coverage of the war. It wasn't a pretty or gentle response to his honest reportage....

Michael Fumento, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and a columnist for Scripps Howard News Service chronicles this media-swarm attack on Mark Yost, editorial-page editor of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Read about it below and here.
"Press slow to report progress"

"Mark Yost, editorial-page associate editor of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, a Knight Ridder newspaper, committed a major boo-boo. He penned a provocative column on media coverage of the Iraq war, observing that from what his contacts there told him -- with apologies to Johnny Mercer -- the mainstream media are accentuating the negative and ignoring the positive.

Mr. Yost couldn't have imagined he was bathing in blood and throwing himself into the shark tank. His media colleagues were merciless. "With your column, you have spat on the copy of the brave men and women who are doing their best in terrible conditions," reporter Chuck Laszewski at the same newspaper charged in an open letter. "You have insulted them and demeaned them. I am embarrassed to call you my colleague."

Knight Ridder Washington Bureau Chief Clark Hoyt devoted a column to a Yost roast, taking time out only to slam U.S. progress in Iraq. The column shows exactly why so many believe the media can't be trusted to cover the war fairly. Of course, the war coverage is slanted: The adage "If it bleeds it leads" doesn't halt at the Iraqi border....

One reporter claimed on the Poynter Institute's Romenesko open blog for journalists that Mr. Yost "must not be watching the network nightly newscasts," yet that's exactly what Mr. Yost criticized. David Hanners, another Pioneer Press reporter, insisted the media have no obligation to present positive stories becau

U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Chairman, Jim Sensenbrenner "puts brakes on media shield bill"

Kudos to Jim Sensenbrenner, who believes national security comes before the media's ability to exploit leaks from various governmental political leakers---just as Judith Miller and The New York Times are doing now, as she sits in jail to prevent having to release information and testimony that could possibly prove her guilt in the outing of CIA employee Valerie "Plame" Wilson and obstructing justice by refusing to provide subpoenaed information and testimony to a federal Grand Jury.

The now political, hard-left biased mainstream media does not need any further protections or "shields" than it already has---and those should be seriously examined, changed or eliminated wherever they are able to be used to undermine a sitting President in time of war and interfere with national security and the war against Islamic extremist terrorism.

The mainstream media has been operating as an extension of the anti-war hard-left Democrats throughout the Afghanistan War and the Iraq War and coordinating/prosecuting a political war against the Bush Administration and its foreign and war policies.

It is far too dangerous to shield the mainstream media from being held accountable for their subversion and sedition---and their undermining and political "fragging" of American troops, Allied troops and Iraqi troops and law enforcement whose boots are on the ground as they fight to protect our freedoms and the developing democracy in Iraq.

Read about Sen. Sensenbrenner's brave and security conscious actions, below and here.
"House Judiciary Chairman James Sensenbrenner (R.-Wis.) has put the brakes on legislation offered by conservative Rep. Mike Pence (R.-Ind.) that shields reporters from having to reveal their confidential sources to federal authorities.

Pence’s Free Flow of Information Act (HR 3323) has attracted 42 co-sponsors in the House, including Majority Whip Roy Blunt (R.-Mo.), but Sensenbrenner won’t hold a hearing unless the bill has “little to no opposition....”

The biggest obstacle to Pence’s bill is the Department of Justice, which criticized the first draft of the legislation during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing July 20.

Pence and the bill’s other sponsors—Rep. Rick Boucher (D.-Va.) and Senators Richard Lugar (R.-Ind.) and Christopher Dodd (D.-Conn.)—added a national security exception to the legislation in hopes of winning support from DOJ. It has yet to reveal its opinion on the revised version....

The legislation has taken on added significance with the July 6 jailing of New York Times reporter Judith Miller for her refusal to testify before a federal grand jury about her sources relating to the outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame....

“Chairman Sensenbrenner has articulated to Mr. Pence that any legislation on this issue must have little to no opposition in order to be considered,” Lungren said in an e-mail to Human Events. “Until that happens, I don’t believe the committee will act.”

Asked to clarify, Lungren responded, “Any opposition, whether it’s from DOJ, the Senate, House leadership, wherever.”

TRADITIONAL VALUES COALITION: U.S. Senator Pat Leahy's abortion litmus test for Supreme Court nominee John Roberts must be rejected by Americans....

Obstructionist Democrat U.S. Senator Pat Leahy has set up a litmus test for nominee John Roberts---one that many obstructionist Democrats have already been using to block approval of Bush nominees to the federal courts---without actually verbalizing their litmus test. They also have an anti-religion litmus test.

Only, this time Leahy is very openly stating his blatant, biased opposition to approval of any pro-life Judges or Justices---and he is trying to blackmail Roberts into a position of stating his position on anti-life abortions in order to be approved--- and into saying something that would then require Roberts to recuse himself from voting on any case involving abortion.

Other obstructionist Senate Democrats like Senators Dick Durbin and Ted Kennedy have already established their anti-religion litmus tests and have laid claim to being the sole authority about what constitutes a "mainstream" candidate for the Supreme Court.

If they continue this type of unconstitutional obstruction in the advice, consent and approval process, President Bush should follow Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower's example and recess appoint Roberts. Roberts appointment would be delayed, of course, because Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Arlen Specter just negotiated away the August recess---holding off starting the hearings until September 6, 2005.

Bush wants Roberts on the Supreme Court when it re-convenes on October 2, 2005. He would have to wait until the next recess of Congress to recess-appoint Roberts. But that is better than allowing obstructionist Democrat Senators to attack and abuse nominee Roberts through an unconstitutional, unethical and unprofessional abuse of power on their parts.

Read about the position of the Traditional Values Coalition below or here.
"Americans Must Reject Senator Pat Leahy's Abortion Litmus Test says Traditional Values Coalition"

"'Senator Patrick Leahy's abortion litmus test for Judge John Roberts isn't going to work,' said Traditional Values Coalition Executive Director Andrea Lafferty. 'Leahy's new standard for Supreme Court Justices is an offensive and inappropriate effort to insist Judge Roberts prejudge cases that come before him. Leahy's obscene standard for judges must be rejected by the American people.'

Mrs. Lafferty is responding to Senator Leahy's announcement on July 27 that he will vote against Judge Roberts for the Supreme Court unless Roberts agrees to vote for abortion on cases that come before him.

Mrs. Lafferty urges Senators to condemn Senator Leahy's effort to force nominees to submit to his litmus test. 'American deserves a Constitutionalist on the Court who understands his role as an interpreter, not legislator of law,' said Lafferty."

President George W. Bush's Saturday Radio Address - July 30, 2005

The White House: Text of President Bush's Radio Address to the Nation for July 30

Included along with his remarks about the steeply declining deficit and successes in passage of critical legislation--- some of which he has already signed into law---this past week, President George W. Bush has this to say about the John G. Roberts, Jr. nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court:

"I also urge members of the Senate to use August to prepare to act on my nomination of Judge John Roberts to serve on the Supreme Court. This talented and capable man will fairly interpret the Constitution and laws, not legislate from the bench.

Judge Roberts' time on the D.C. Circuit Court, his service at the Department of Justice and at the White House in two administrations, his impressive career as a top attorney in private practice, and his stellar academic and legal background demonstrate why Americans of all points of view have expressed their support for him.

One of the highest honors for any lawyer is to argue a case before the Supreme Court. In his extraordinary career, Judge Roberts has argued a remarkable 39 cases before the nation's highest court.

I look forward to working with the Senate in the weeks ahead so that Judge Roberts can receive a timely and dignified hearing and be confirmed before the Court reconvenes on October 3rd...."

Mainstream media group trying to turn jailed New York Times "journalist" into a martyr....

Former NBC mainstream media news anchor Tom Brokaw has joined with the Committee to Protect Journalists in an attempt to obtain Judith Miller's release from jail.... and make a martyr out of her in the process.

We still don't know what is in Judith Miller's and her employer, The New York Times.' notes and correspondence that she is submitting to jail time rather that provide to the federal Grand Jury. And we also don't know that it was not Judith Miller who revealed the identity of CIA desk-job analyst Valerie "Plame" Wilson.

It is entirely possible that Judith Miller and The Times are obstructing justice, which is no small matter. It is a violation of federal law. Just ask Bill Clinton.... obstruction of justice and perjury were the charges in his Impeachment, for which anyone of the rest of us would be indicted, convicted and carted off to stoney lonesome.

More info below and here.
"A delegation from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has met with jailed New York Times reporter Judith Miller in the Alexandria Detention Center. "At the end of our 30-minute conversation," said former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw, "it was emphatically clear that she is absolutely convinced that she made the right decision and is prepared to stay the course...."

The group talked with Miller for a half hour though a clear plastic partition. She said she has been able to go outside just twice in three weeks...."Miller wore a dark green prison uniform with "PRISONER" written in capital letters on the back. While she praised the professionalism of the detention center staff, she said the crowded facility is subjected to random lockdowns for security reasons.

In a statement, CPJ's 35-member board said it "strenuously protests" Miller's July 6 imprisonment, which was ordered by U.S. District Court Judge Thomas F. Hogan after the reporter refused to testify about a confidential source before a grand jury investigating the 2003 leak of a CIA operative's identity.

Uncertainty remains about Miller's role in the probe, with speculation all over the map, including the possibility she may have mentioned Plame first to an administration official...."

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism: The Real Suicide Bomb

Politically correct tolerance for and welcoming into free societies of extremist Islamic fundamentalists is the equivalent of welcoming in and tolerating a Trojan Horse of Islamist hatred, terrorism and destruction.... hell bent on re-establishing their long lost caliphate.... and Shari'a law....

We---as citizens of free, democratic nations---are their prey....

Two must read articles from Scott Ott at SCRAPPLEFACE....

Readers, here are two *****Five Star, must read comic relief pieces by Scott Ott can be found today at Scrappleface, "Sudan Rape Victims Get Free Copy of UN Report" and "Frist: Stem Cell Study May Cure Tax-Dollar Addiction."

Research has shown that humor, wit, and a deep-throated belly laugh are advantageous to your health and well-being. In other words, a laugh in time saves lives.... and often helps bail someone out of an embarassing situation. If you've ever been there, you know what I mean....

You can use this knowledge to your advantage.... and feel better in the process. And you can avoid the biting words of Shakespeare: "Thou wilt fall backward when thou hast more wit...." since you will now have availed yourselves of some...

HR 609, the College Access and Opportunity Act of 2005, passed the U.S. House of Representatives.... will provide academic bill of rights for students

Students for Academic Freedom, in a research piece, "Academic Rights Push Forward in the House" describe the progress of HR 609 through the U.S. House of Representatives, what it includes, and why it is vitally important to protecting the rights of all American students to academic freedom from political and ideological indoctrination in the educational process.

This legislation is needed to both reverse and eliminate such indoctrination and the hostile environment created for conservative and religious students by their liberal, secular-humanist and often socialist professors and by other students who have hard-left ideology and political agendas and do not want them to have a voice on campus.

The leftist liberalization of American schools, particularly institutions of higher learning where the percentage of faculty and administrators has gotten as high as 80% on the left side of the politcal, social and ideological spectrum, began with the the movement to the left during the Vietnam War years---with the social, sexual and civil rights revolutions.

It has become progressively worse over the years, with discrimination against conservatives and people of religion in hiring of professors and administrators and discrimination against like-minded students---often with students having to kowtow to the professors' beliefs expressed in class lectures and discussions---even having to support and regurgitate information they do not agree with on their tests, in order to get good grades or to pass their courses.

Read more on this important topic, below and here.
"The academic freedom movement took a significant step forward last week when the US House Education and Workforce Committee passed HR 609, the "College Access and Opportunity Act of 2005," which contains a provision for an academic bill of rights.

The academic freedom provisions in HR 609 were inspired by the Academic Bill of Rights. (The Academic Bill of Rights and a list of national and state legislation currently under consideration is available on the organization’s website: These provisions state in part that, "an institution of higher education should ensure that a student attending such institution on a full- or part-time basis is evaluated solely on the basis of their reasoned answers and knowledge of the subjects and disciplines they study and without regard to their political, ideological, or religious beliefs" and that students should be exposed to "diverse approaches and dissenting sources and viewpoints within the instructional setting."

Additional support for the academic freedom language in HR 609 was provided last month when the American Council on Education in conjunction with 27 additional higher education organizations released a statement calling for universities to take steps to protect "intellectual pluralism and the free exchange of ideas."

Commenting on the passage of the bill through Committee last week, Horowitz said, "I want to thank the leadership of Congressmen John Boehner, Howard "Buck" McKeon, and Jack Kingston. Even though the Democratic members of the Committee put up a determined fight to remove the language from the "College Access and Opportunity Act of 2005," the supporters of freedom and free speech held firm and in doing so scored a significant victory for every college student in America...."

SADDAM HUSSEIN: The former genocidal dictator of Iraq.... as he appeared in court this week....

Former President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, replete with dyed black hair and eyebrows, still has that wild-eyed genocidal dictator look....

This picture should be plastered all over Iraq and the Middle East as the human face of brutality and terror.... and a prime justification for the alternatives of freedom and democracy.

A dust-up in Court for Saddam Hussein....

According to Sky News in the United Kingdom, Saddam Hussein was attacked when he appeared in court. Saddam's defense lawyers complained that the tribunal did nothing to stop the assault.

However, it appear they did nothing to stop the attack themselves. If Saddam had been hurt in the scuffle, the lawyers would surely have reported that as well---but it isn't reported here.

Fox News Channel reported this afternoon that a U.S. military spokesman denied that the attack incident claimed by Saddam's lawyers happened at all.

More info below and at another article here.
"Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was attacked by an unidentified man during his appearance at a court hearing in Baghdad on Thursday, his defence team has said. The team said the man attacked Saddam and the two exchanged blows during a hearing attended by defence lawyer Khalil Dulaimi.

"As the president stood to leave the courtroom one of those present attacked him and there was an exchange of blows between the man and the president," the statement said. The head of the tribunal did nothing to stop the assault, the statement alleged. It did not say if Saddam was hurt.....

Saddam has been formally charged with the killings of Shi'ite Muslims in the village of Dujail in 1982 but no date has been set for his trial..."

Even the Washington Post acknowledges President Bush's victories in getting legislation enacted by Congress.... but they call them "GOP Victories"

Even the WaPo has acknowledged the "Flurry of GOP Victories," which is an anti-Bush biased mainstream media euphemism for President George W. Bush's "Victories," in getting much-needed [and long-stalled by obstructionist Democrats] legislation passed by the U.S. Congress and sent to Bush for him to sign them into law.

These are all bills that the President has been calling for the Congress to enact over the past four to four and a half years. Bush got most all of what he wanted, except for drilling for oil on a national preserve in Alaska. However, he got an enormous amount of unwanted "pork" in the Highway bill and he should make that larded-up bill that was passed the first veto of his administration.

There is nothing in the Constitution that gives the federal government the right to conscript money from citizens and residents of the States to then pass out that money to certain victorious-in-the-pork-bargaining states for non-federal projects such as bike paths and other things that are the responsibility of the states or private entities to provide.

To lard up the Highway Bill at federal taxpayers' expense is not only an unconstitutional transfer of wealth from some states to some other states, it is a travesty when we have a projected federal budget deficit of $333B and we are fighting a War Against Terrorism that will last for many years.

Read more below and here.
"On Capitol Hill, A Flurry of GOP Victories: Key Measures Advance After Long Delays"

"After years of partisan impasses and legislative failures, Congress in a matter of hours yesterday passed or advanced three far-reaching bills that will allocate billions of dollars and set new policies for guns, roads and energy.

The measures sent to President Bush for his signature will grant $14.5 billion in tax breaks for energy-related matters and devote $286 billion to transportation programs, including 6,000 local projects, often called "pork barrel" spending. The Senate also passed a bill to protect firearms manufacturers and dealers from various lawsuits. The House is poised to pass it this fall.

Before recessing till September, Sen. Arlen Specter, left, and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist marked victories for fellow Republicans and President Bush....
Sen. Robert C. Byrd has held public office for more than 50 years. Who was president the last time the senator from West Virginia won an election with less than 60 percent of the vote? Dwight D. EisenhowerJohn F. KennedyRichard NixonJimmy Carter

Combined with the Central American Free Trade Agreement that Congress approved Thursday, the measures constitute significant victories for Bush and GOP congressional leaders, who have been frustrated by Democrats in some areas such as Social Security. As senators cast vote after vote in order to start their August recess, Bush applauded Congress, saying the energy bill "will help secure our energy future and reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy."

U.S. SENATOR BILL FRIST HAS CREATED A FIRESTORM.... According to the American Life League: "Sen. Frist Isn't Pro-Life"

Senator Bill frist has created a firestorm by his announcement on the Senate floor this week that he has changed his position against federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research and now believes that, due to lack of adequate "supply" available, he is now for such research.

Doctors are sworn to uphold life; Senators are sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution, which nowhere grants the right to kill developing as-yet-unbirthed human babies. So, is Senator Frist anti-life or pro-life? Is he upholding life and upholding his sworn oaths?

Read the interpretation of the American Life League's opinion, as expressed by its President, below or here. Read related articles about this firestorm here, here, here, here, and here.
"Judie Brown, president of American Life League, the nation's largest grassroots pro-life educational organization, issued the following statement regarding the news that Senator Bill Frist now endorses the expansion of human embryonic stem cell research....

Sen. Bill Frist's announcement that he has reversed his opinion on the expansion of human embryonic stem cell research is beyond repugnant to many in the pro-life community. What has happened to this man, who once showed promise of becoming a strong pro-life voice for the American people?"

"Sadly, Sen. Frist now joins the ranks of numbers of politicians who have sacrificed the truth to satisfy other, less noble, goals. Frist claims that his opinion is one based on 'science.' However, Sen. Frist is certainly ignoring one of the basic facts of Biology 101, which unequivocally tell us that life begins at fertilization, when a new human person with unique DNA is created. We are talking about our fellow human beings. In his heart, Sen. Frist must know that killing those human beings, for any reason, is always wrong.

"While it is not surprising that those who support the killing of embryonic children are applauding Sen. Frist's latest move, it is quite disheartening that that so-called pro-life officials in the Bush administration are excusing his crisis of conscience as 'understandable.'

"Sen. Frist's statements are a perfect example of the hypocrisy that has slowly infected many in the political arena, even among Republican Party officeholders claiming to be pro-life. The fact is, whether an innocent human being is a few hours old or nine months old, an act that intentionally kills him is always intrinsically evil and evil can never be justified - no matter the perceived 'good' end. Human embryonic stem cell research kills innocent human beings, and therefore is inherently evil."

Federal appeals court reinstates Steven Hatfill's libel suit against the New York Times....

The liberal elite New York Times grants itself broad license to malign and libel anyone they like in their evolutionary expansion into hard-left political journalism. Steven Hatfill has a right to sue them and their so-called "journalist" Kristof for damage to his personal and professional reputation and any loss of income as a result of such damage. Also for the emotional damage caused to Hatfill.

People like Tom DeLay, John Bolton and Karl Rove should follow Hatfill's example and sue the Times and its yellow journalists who maligned, libeled, damaged them---as an allied part of coordinated politics of personal destruction campaigns of the Democrat hard-left against President Bush and other people of power in his Republican administration.

Just because DeLay, Bolton and Rove are high-profile public figures, only one of them elected, does not give The Times or anyone else the right to damage them and then hide behind "freedom of speech and the press" or "privacy privileges." What about DeLay's, Bolton's, and Rove's "privacy rights?" And what about Hatfill's "privacy rights?"

The New York Times' rights end outside the tip of their victims' noses and they have no special "privacy privileges" to protect them from the harm they cause to others. There is no such right in the U.S. Constitution or in the U.S. Codes of Law---and no states can have constitutions and laws that are in conflict with the U.S. Constitution.

Read about the no longer ethical New York Times' surprise reversal below and here.
"A federal appeals court has reinstated a libel suit against the New York Times filed by a former
Army scientist who claims one of the paper's columnists unfairly linked him to the deadly anthrax mailings in 2001.

Steven Hatfill sued the Times for a series of columns written by Nicholas Kristof that faulted the FBI for failing to thoroughly investigate Hatfill for the anthrax mailings that left five people dead.

The initial columns identified Hatfill only as "Mr. Z," but subsequent columns named him after Hatfill stepped forward to deny any role in the killings. Federal authorities labeled Hatfill "a person of interest" in their investigation.

Last year, a federal judge tossed out Hatfill's lawsuit, ruling that the columns did not defame Hatfill and accurately reflected the state of the FBI's investigation. But the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond overturned the rule Thursday on a 2-1 vote, saying that Kristof's columns, taken as a whole, might be considered defamatory.

"A reasonable reader of Kristof's columns likely would conclude that Hatfill was responsible for the anthrax mailings," wrote Judge Dennis Shedd in an opinion joined by Chief Judge William Wilkins...."

If you think your private home is your castle and you will be able to hold it inviolate.... think again....

This land's not your land.... This land's not my land.... From New York Island.... to Hawaiian Islands....

If you think I'm wrong.... Just look at Kelo.... Whose home's conscripted.... by her government....

They need more money.... For their tax coffers.... So, Kelo's screwed through.... Eminent Domain....

A big business.... Will bring more taxes.... So forget about.... The Constitution....

5 Moonbat Supremes.... Made the decision.... That your private land.... Is theirs to conscript....

What do you think?

Remember equal treatment and equal justice for all.... It's time for 5 Justices of the SCOTUS to get a little message....

What's good for American private citizens is good for 5 Moonbat U.S. Supreme Court Justices.... who ruled in favor of hostile takeover [i.e. conscription] of an American citizen's private home and land to deliver it to another private owner.... under the guise of "eminent domain...."

SUPREME COURT JUSTICE STEPHEN G. BREYER'S vacation home now target for eminent domain seizure as petitioners gain signatures....

Well, fair's fair. What's good for Kelo's house is good for one---or all---of the Supreme Court moonbats who decided private property is private only so long as some deeper pockets private entity doesn't want to take it away to make money off of it---in collusion with greedy local or state governments.

Plus, if states can do it, surely it could also be done by the federal government to conscript private property. Such a broad ruling could similarly apply to the taking of private-owned business properties.... Just like in Communist China, where one of their government-owned companies, CNOOC, is trying to pull off a hostile takeover of American-owned UNOCAL.

Activist "No-Justice" Souter " and activist "No-Justice" Breyer need to be taught a lesson that they don't have the right to legislate from the bench to take away the Constitutional private property rights of private citizens and businesses in the United States of America. As do the other three "No-Justice" Justices who ruled against Kelo and in favor of enabling the hostile-takeover and conscripting of private property from one private entity and awarding it to another.

Read about this well-deserved payback to judicial-activist SCOTUS Justice, below and here.
"Land ruling used against justices"

"PLAINFIELD, N.H. - Libertarians upset about a Supreme Court ruling on land taking have proposed seizing a justice's vacation home and turning it into a park, echoing efforts aimed at another justice who lives in the state.

Organizers are trying to collect enough signatures to go before the town next spring to ask to se Justice Stephen G. Breyer's 167-acre Plainfield property for a "Constitution Park" with stone monuments to commemorate the U.S. and New Hampshire constitutions.

"In the spirit of the ruling, we're recreating the same use of eminent domain," said John Babiarz, the Libertarian Party's state chairman....

The Supreme Court's 5-4 court ruling lets officials in New London, Conn., take older homes along the city's waterfront for a private developer who plans to build offices, a hotel and a convention center...."

Quelle Suprise!!! France announces it will eject 12 Islamic "preachers of hate" and unveils "tough new anti-terrorism package."

In the news today at, France announces tough new measures to deal with Islamic extremist terrorism and incitement to terrorism by preachers of hatred and violence among its large population of Muslims.

French leaders are taking this hard line because they have to.... to prevent the Arabization of Europe that Bat Y'or has characterized as "Eurabia" and terrorist attacks on French citizens. Not only are they prepared to expel the hate-and-violence-mongers from French soil, they will also revoke their citizenship.

The United Kingdom and United States of America should go forth and do likewise. Screw political correctness and tolerance for ethnic and religious tyranny by a small minority of Islamic extremists bent on destroying our democratic governments.

Instead of Marie Antoinette's admonition about France's hungry poor, "Let them eat cake....,"
let's try this admonition: "Let them eat their citizenship papers and passports granted to them by our countries...." They have abused the privilege of living in our free societies....

More info about a good decision by France for a change, below and at the above link.
"The gulf between British and French treatment of preachers of hatred and violence was thrown sharply into focus yesterday when France announced the summary expulsion of a dozen Islamists between now and the end of August.

A tough new anti-terrorism package was unveiled by Nicolas Sarkozy, the interior minister and a popular centre-Right politician. His proposals reflect French determination to act swiftly against extremists in defiance of the human rights lobby, which is noticeably less vocal in France than in Britain.

Imams and their followers who fuel anti-western feeling among impressionable young French Muslims will be rounded up and returned to their countries of origin, most commonly in France's case to its former north African colonies.

Mr Sarkozy also revealed that as many as 12 French mosques associated with provocative anti-western preaching were under surveillance. Imams indulging in inflammatory rhetoric will be expelled even if their religious status is recognised by mainstream Muslim bodies.

Those who have assumed French citizenship will not be protected from deportation. Mr Sarkozy said he will reactivate measures, "already available in our penal code but simply not used", to strip undesirables of their adopted nationality...."

Friday, July 29, 2005

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a new politically-correct & terrorist-friendly "random one in five bag-check" policy....

Random is.... as random is.... You know.... RANDOM!!!

Has everybody heard....? Mayor Bloomberg says it's O.K. to search the homeless.... they aren't a member of an organized terrorist group or a big interest group.... and they probably don't vote....

So, what can a little old homeless lady who is #5 in line do about having her soda can bag searched....? You don't think the ACLU would do anything to help HER, do you? Heck, no!! They only represent hard-left ideologues, zealots, terrorists, socialists and Democrats like themselves.

And if you're a Republican, FORGET IT!! They won't even talk to you.... In fact, the ACLU will be on whatever side you're NOT on.... just because you win elections and have morals and values---and their pals haven't figured all that out yet....

What this all boils down to is that big-shot liberal Mayor Bloomberg believes it's OK to search 20% of the people of New York.... Never mind that he is discriminating against them and denying them equal treatment with the other 80%, and in the process letting the terrorists know that if they can count to five, they'll know where to break in line at place #1, 2, 3, or 4.

Yikes!!! What was that noise?? A BOMB!! You mean a "random" bomb got through??? Hey!! Somebody tell the Mayor.... political correctness doesn't protect you from terrorism!! What's that, you say....?? You can't find him....?? He's not answering his phone....??

Ohhhhh....!! I see.... Somebody saw him headed for the library to look up some words.... He was mumbling something that sounded like "profiling".... and "random".... over and over....

NEW YORK CITY MAYOR MICHAEL BLOOMBERG challenged on his off-base politically correct "random stop-and-search policy"

The Mayor of New York City abandons common sense in favor of enforcing his politically correct random stop-and-search policy. He justified his policy by saying that "the law prohibits you from profiling." What law, exactly? A policy is not a "law."

Has anyone told the considerably less than erudite Mayor that "innocent until proven guilty" usually applies when someone has already been arrested and is awaiting a trial to determine innocence or guilt? It has nothing to do with screening passengers entering transit systems---for possibly carrying concealed bombs.

Under misguided political correctness, people like Mayor Bloomberg are confusing "profiling" with discrimination. You'll notice Bloomberg says "the courts will not permit you to do that." He did not say law enforcement. Even in "the courts," there is a high bar for proving discrimination---and it would be done in a civil case, not a criminal case.

Law enforcement uses profiling all the time---quite legally---to establish profiles of certain types of killers and other criminals. Terrorism is a crime. Terrorists are killers. Profiling is a law enforcement tool to solve crimes or prevent future crimes. And it is not against the law.

Bloomberg may have in the recent past become a Republican, possibly to get elected to succeed a popular Republican Mayor Rudy Guiliano---but he is still a multiculturalist liberal Democrat, as his political correctness bears out.

Read about it below and here.
"Bloomberg Challenged on 'No Profiling' Order"

"New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was challenged on Friday over his random stop-and-search policy in the city's subways, which forbids police from using profiling to identify likely terrorists."I'm very puzzled - what are you thinking?" caller Victoria asked on Bloomberg's weekly WABC Radio program.

"Profiling is done by advertisers all the time to get a certain group of people that they're targeting," she complained.

"When you have 99 percent of the people that are committing these atrocities, blowing up buildings, being young Arab men, why - for Pete's sake - would you not examine the bag of every single Arab? I think even the Arab people would feel safer if you did that."

Bloomberg replied: "Victoria, number one ... the law prohibits you from profiling. Period, end of story. So no matter what you think, the courts will not permit you to do that....

Hey.... Wait a MINUTE!!!! I didn't say send EVERYBODY!!!!!

Glub.... Glub.... Glub.... HELP!!! Somebody stop this flood of illegal immigrants and OTM's!!!

Can't you see I'm DROWNING here???

Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Dennis Hastert places immigration legislation on top priority list.... for after August recess....

These comments come from Speaker of the House Denny Hastert just one day after President George W. Bush called forcefully for an immigration bill.

Whatever bill they come up with in the House of Representatives needs to be entirely different from the worthless John McCain-Teddy Kennedy bill in the Senate---which is basically an amnesty bill with a limp-wristed guest worker bill tacked onto it.

Th feckless McCain-Kennedy bill has no substantive content or muscle in it that will solve the illegal alien problem, the other than Mexican [OTM] problem, the problem of American employers breaking labor and minimum wage laws, the closing of our borders to any entry other than legal entry, or the enforcing of our border and immigration laws that are on the books now and not being enforced.

Carte blanche illegal entry into the United States, followed by another years-later amnesty, is totally unacceptable. The last "amnesty" was supposed to be the LAST amnesty. What do these politicians and bureaucrats in Washington not understand about the word "LAST?" Are they now all playing by Bill Clinton's "what is is" playbook?

Read about Hastert's remarks and plans, below and here.
"Hastert eyes immigration"

"House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert said yesterday his chamber will work to produce an immigration bill this year, even as the White House signaled a new emphasis on immigration law enforcement as part of selling President Bush's proposal.

The Illinois Republican placed immigration near the top of the list of priorities when Congress returns from its August recess, just below the must-pass spending bills and just before Social Security. He said any immigration bill must mix enforcement, a program for new foreign workers and a solution to the illegal aliens now here.

But Mr. Hastert sent mixed messages about how to address illegal aliens, saying amnesty is not the answer but acknowledging that some illegal aliens have been in the United States for decades....

Mr. Hastert... said... "frankly what I have found, any time that you do an amnesty you just put people in the front of the line...."

Today was a good day for Scotland Yard.... a bad day for hate-filled extremist terrorist parasites who tried to destroy their host....

The hate and terrorism preaching and mentoring Imam of the Finsbury Mosque in London.... the Islamic extremists' version of the Pied Piper.... now sits in jail....

And, as of today, four of his terrorist bomber-recruits who share his ideology of hate will also share his loss of freedom.... An ironic and fitting fate for those who would utilize terrorism to take away the freedoms and lives of others....

The fourth and last of the London "bomb suspects" has been arrested in Rome, Italy.... others arrested in the London area....

While a series of dramatic raids and arrests have been going on in Great Britain today, in which two of the remaining terrorist bombers were arrested, the fourth and last bombing suspect was arrested in Italy.

More info below and at

The Rome arrest is also being reported at FoxNews, where several articles are posted that report all of the news on the London arrests of two terrorist bombers and other related arrests.

"The fourth and last London bomb suspect has been arrested in Rome, according to reports from Italy. Reports claimed the Italian Interior Ministry said the man has been held in the city. The man was named as Somali national Osman Hussein.

"The arrest took place a short while ago in Rome of the Somalian, Osman Hussein, a naturalized British citizen, the fourth attacker in the London on July 21," Italy's interior minister Giuseppe Pisanu said in a statement.

"The anti-terrorism operation is still ongoing, and has been conducted in the context of close international collaboration." He gave no details of the arrest. "This confirms not only the validity of our security system but also the efficiency of our international contacts," he added....

The news comes after two of the other four suspects were arrested in a series of dramatic raids in London. The other suspect, Yasin Hassan Omar, was captured in Birmingham earlier in the week...."

U.S. Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice....

The "most powerful woman in the world," according to Forbes business magazine's new top 100 list....

Now U.S. Secretary of State, Rice is former President of Stanford University and former U.S. National Security Advisor to President George W. Bush.

U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE CONDALEEZA RICE.... the "Most Powerful Woman in the World"

Here is an article of interest related to our outstanding U.S. Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice, who has been awarded the honor of being named to First Place on Forbes' "100 Most Powerful Women" list....

It's an award that is completely well-deserved and one that PelicanPost wholeheartedly endorses. Read more below and here.

Forbes magazine article "The 100 Most Powerful Women" can be read here.
"Condoleezza Rice: Most Powerful Woman in the World"

"Forbes' "100 Most Powerful Women" in the world was released late Thursday and topping the list was Condoleezza Rice.

America's first female African-American secretary of state was dubbed the most powerful woman in the world by the nation's most respected business magazine...."

More revisionist history from Iron Matron Hillary Clinton....

According to cnsnews, "The Civil Rights Act of 1964 may have produced the most significant progress of the 20th century in terms of civil rights, by banning racial segregation in theaters, restaurants, and hotels, as well as discrimination in the work place and public schools. Twenty-seven senators opposed the bill in the final vote.

In Fact-o-rama on "Civil Rights Progress," it is reported here that "Despite the overwhelming support that Democratic politicians currently enjoy from African American voters, the opposition in the Senate to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was disproportionately Democratic. Twenty-one of the 27 “no” votes came from Democrats. (SOURCE: GOPUSA)

The above information is very relevant when you consider Hillary's current incitement of racial division based on revisionist civil rights history. Nothing new, there.... except for the fact that Iron Matron Hillary is trying to co-opt and soften the effect of Senator Rick Santorum's new book which she hates and does not want anyone to read: "It Takes a Family...." [i.e. it takes a family, as opposed to Clinton's "It Take a Village," where the "village" refers to big government.]

Here is an article in today's news on this subject, some of which is excerpted below:
"Sen. Clinton: GOP Erasing Century of Civil Rights Progress"

"New York Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton Thursday warned that Republican conservatives were on the verge of erasing a century of "progress" on civil rights, feminist and worker-related issues." So much of what we built in the 20th century is at risk," Clinton said at the National Urban League's annual conference in Washington D.C.

She spoke to a crowd of several hundred at a panel discussion entitled "The Black Male: Endangered Species or Hope for the Future?" "There are people -- unfortunately too many of them in th

A terrorist president-elect for Iran and its worldwide terrorist war to establish extremist Islamic rule....

Terrorist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, new president-elect of Iran, has been identified as a leader of 1979 student movement attack and take-over over of U.S. Embassy in Iran....

New president-elect of Iran was involved in 1979 student terrorists' take-over of U.S. Embassy in Iran....

1979 terrorist attack and take-over of U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran by extremist student movement, where 40 Americans were taken hostage and held for 444 days....

Pictures have been shown that indicate that the terrorist to the hostage's left is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. To me, the terrorist on the hostage's right has the same eyes, eyebrows, nose and ear-shape as that of Ahmadinejad. Compare this picture with the one posted directly above....

WHITE HOUSE says Iran's incoming president involved in 1979 seizure of U.S. Embassy in Iran, taking of 40 hostages, & holding them 444 days....

The White House has identified Iranian president-elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a leader of the student movement that organized the attack against and take-over of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran in 1979, resulting in the unlawful hostage-taking and imprisonment of 40 Americans.

The Islamic extremist Ahmadinejad has denied involvement and has threatened renewal of nuclear development activities in the terrorist supporting and exporting "axis of evil" nation of Iran. It is apparent that Ahmadinejad is also a leader in the worldwide Islamic terrorist revolution.

Read more below and here.
"The White House said Thursday that Iran's incoming president was a leader of the student movement that orchestrated the capture of the U.S. Embassy in 1979, but the United States still hasn't determined whether he took hostages as alleged by some of those who were held.

Six former hostages have identified Iran's ultraconservative president-elect, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as one of their captors during the 444 days they were held....

"We know he was a leader of the student movement that organized the attack on the embassy and the taking of the American hostages," McClellan said. "However, we are still looking into whether or not he was actually one of the hostage-takers. That is something we continue to look in to."

Militant students seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran on Nov. 4, 1979, and held the U.S. hostages in reprisal for Washington's refusal to surrender ousted Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi for trial. The shah had fled Iran earlier that year after he was overthrown by the Islamic Revolution.

The hostage crisis weakened then-President Carter, contributing to his re-election loss to Ronald Reagan...."

U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT SAYS: "Bolton Didn't Testify in Plame Case"

Unfortunately for obstructionist Democrat Senator Joe Biden, who has been desperately trying to tie Bolton to the CIA leak of Valerie "Plame" Wilson's identity in a last-ditch attempt to block Bolton's nomination to be U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, things are not going his way.

Biden is now saying that President Bush should not give Bolton a recess appointment. However, the State Dept. has announced that one error on papers filled in for Bolton re investigations over past 5 years will be corrected.

It has been reported that President Bush may recess-appoint Bolton as early as today---which is exactly what he should do at a time when new corruption at the U.N. is being uncovered on a regular basis.

More info below and here.
"John Bolton, the nominee for U.N. ambassador, has not testified to a grand jury or been interviewed by prosecutors about the leak of a CIA officer's identity, the State Department said Thursday in reply to a Democratic critic....

In paperwork filed with the Senate earlier this year in connection with his nomination, Bolton denied a role in any investigation over the past five years. Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., who opposes the nomination, questioned the veracity of that response, prompting the State Department reply.

That answer is truthful then and it remains the case now," spokesman Sean McCormack said...."

Thursday, July 28, 2005

SENATE DEMOCRATS' NEW CHEER: "Block that nominee...! Block that bill...! Even though we lose elections.... We still rule on Capitol Hill....!

The prickly U.S. Senate obstructionist Democrats are sharpening their filibuster, holds and politics of personal destruction weapons.... the better to plunge a dagger into the heart of John G. Roberts, Jr.'s nomination to the Supreme Court.... and to let all the air out of President Bush's calls for a civil and fair advice, consent and confirmation process....

Now at the farthest fringes of the unhinged hard-left, Senate Democrats have become political bomb-throwers, for whom mere "borking" isn't enough.... So, they resort to new extremes.... each one more extreme and bizarre than the one before it.

Total personal and professional destruction is their new Faustian objective, as they march to the tune of their major funders---anti-U.S. internationalists like multi-billionaire George Soros and his hyper-rich socialist buddies who fund hard-left supporting NGOs and organizations like the International Freedom Center that is hijacking the Ground Zero memorial.

McCain-Feingold's Campaign Finance Act took away legitimate fund-raising rights of U.S. citizens, businesses and organizations who have a legitimate interest in promoting candidates for public office.... and handed those rights over to internationalists and foreign interference in American elections.

George Soros and Kofi Annan are two examples of corrupt internationalist interference in the 2004 presidential election.... as they both campaigned against and undermined sitting President George W. Bush as he ran for re-election. Too bad for them.... they lost and Bush won.... BIG TIME!

BLOG ROUNDUP: Some interesting things in today's news....

Read an interesting piece, "Blogging Bizness: Strange career moves," here, about a few bloggers who were fired from their day jobs and why....

Full transcript of a great interview by Hugh Hewitt, of Erwin Chemerinsky, lefty law professor from Duke Law School, and John Eastman, righty law professor from Chapman University School of Law, in Radioblogger posting: "Another round of the Smart Guys on John Roberts"

After reading an article by Donald Lambro, "Hillary's ties to DLC rankle left," here, filled with leftist propaganda by Harold Ickes about how centrist Hillary Clinton is, Powerline's Paul Miringoff says in his posting, "Pay no attention to that woman in front of the curtain:" "If one looks at her voting record, one finds a near-perfect 95 percent approval score from the strongly liberal group Americans for Democratic Action."

At Little Green Footballs you will find a posting under the title "Al-Arian's Code Words." Says LGF, "According to the FBI, when accused Islamic Jihad leader Sami al-Arian communicated with other jihadis they used a “terror code.”

David Wissing has a Hedge Hog Report John Roberts Confirmation Prediction Contest going. Go there and make your predictions. It's fun to see how these prediction contests turn out....

At Scrappleface, read these three items to add a little comic relief to your day: "Bush to Senate Judiciary: Release Your Own Records;" "House Passes LAFTA, Relieving Liberal Guilt;" and "Bush to Give Kerry Swift Boatload of Nominee Info." A little humor never hurts.... a lot is even better....

NEW ENERGY BILL PASSES TODAY IN THE U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.... The U.S. Senate may vote on the bill tomorrow....

At long last! Bush has been trying to get Congress to get him an energy bill passed so he could sign it into law for the past four and a half years. They're finally voting this week....

The U.S. House of Representatives approved the massive energy bill today, key provisions of which are excerpted below.... or you can read the entire article here. The Senate is expected to vote on the bill tomorrow.
"The House by a wide margin approved a mammoth energy plan for the nation Thursday...." The bill was approved 275-156. Congress now awaits action by the Senate, probably on Friday. The White House said President Bush looks forward to signing it into law.

The 1,725-page bill, the product of weeks of compromise between widely different versions approved by the two chambers earlier this year, would provide $14.5 billion in energy tax breaks, much of it to traditional energy companies....

"This is a good bill for America," declared Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, a key author of the legislation....

"We didn't get into this overnight and we're not going to get out of it overnight," White House press secretary Scott McClellan said Thursday. "What this legislation will do is put us on a path to reducing our dependence on foreign sources of energy," he said. "It will help address those root causes that lead to higher energy prices and that is what is important."

....major provisions in the legislation include:

• It ....provides money for promoting renewable energy sources and new energy technologies and measures to revitalize the nuclear power industry.
• It requires oil refiners to double the use of corn-produced ethanol in gasoline to 7.5 billion gallons a year by 2012.
• Among the provisions most apparent to consumers are its call to extend daylight saving time by one month and tax breaks for making homes more energy efficient and for hybrid gas-electric cars.
• Subsidies and tax breaks for wind, geothermal and solar industries and technology aimed at making coal more environmentally friendly.
• New efficiency standards for commercial appliances from air conditioners to refrigerators.
• Requirement for utilities to meet federal reliability standards for the electric transmission grid, hoping to avoid future blackouts like the one in the summer of 2003.
• Easing the way for more imports of liquefied natural gas by giving federal regulators final say over import terminals.
• Spurring construction of new nuclear power reactors by offering loan guarantees and "risk insurance" against regulatory delays for the initial units to be built.
• A nationwide inventory of offshore oil and gas resources. Critics said they're concerned the inventory may lead to drilling in areas now off limits...."

Mainstream media pressures Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to change FOIA rules put in place by AG John Ashcroft for national security reasons....

Now that we have a new U.S. Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, media groups are trying to pressure Gonzales into reversal of national security changes made in Freedom of Information Act [FOIA] rules by Attorney General John Ashcroft. Those rules were changed to prevent the handing over of information when there was a legal reason not to do so. To change the rules back is a bad idea.

It was Bill Clinton's administration that relaxed the rules to err on the side of providing requested information to the media---including mainstream media who are often inclined to distort that information. Clinton put national security last with regard to FOIA, just as he did when he did away with traditional security at the White House upon taking office, allowed lax operational behaviors and access to U.S. nuclear labs, and set up walls to prevent communication between intel agencies and between intel agencies and law enforcement agencies.... among countless other examples.

After 9/11, with Clinton having done little or nothing to prevent terrorism against the U.S. for the eight years he was in office---treating it as a law enforcement matter and allowing it to fester---it is imperative that we err on the side of national security and national defense, especially when there is a legal reason to do so and especially with regard to provision of requested documents sought under FOIA by a mainstream media that is openly hostile to the Bush Administration and acts as an arm of the Democrat Party.

Read about this media pressure being put on Gonzales below and here.
"Media Groups Seek Changes to FOIA Rules"

The Associated Press and other news organizations are encouraging Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to rescind a policy restricting public access to government information. The change was put in place by Gonzales' predecessor, John Ashcroft, shortly after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

"Where agencies were once encouraged to disclose unless disclosure would do harm, they are currently encouraged to withhold if there are legal grounds for doing so," AP president and chief executive officer Tom Curley said in a letter to Gonzales. "We think this change was a terrible mistake."
In an AP interview this week%2

OOPS!! Wrong audience... Quick!! Erase that!! Al Jazeera's cameras just left...!! These Fox News Channel cameras are for infidel American news!!"

The two faces of Saudi Arabia: first they're with the terrorists.... then they say they're with us.... then they continue to fund the terrorists.... then they reassure us they're with us.... then they send terrorists to kill our troops in Iraq.... then they deny it and say they're with us....

Big question: Why are we listening to their lying lips, when our lying eyes are backed up with solid intel and documentation? We could just borrow Shakespeare's words and tell the Saudis: "Thy lips rot off!! Thou caluminous lily-livered foot-lickers! We leak in your chimney!!" Uummmm.... better make that "palace".... Sorry, Will....

THE COUNCIL ON AMERICAN-ISLAMIC RELATIONS, INC. [CAIR]: A terrorists-founded organization seeking convert USA into Islamic theocracy like Iran's....

This is an outstanding and well-researched *****Five Star, must read column by Daniel Pipes and Sharon Chadha that provides detailed information about deadly Islamist organizations in North America that live among us even as they plot our destruction---the most dangerous of which is CAIR. It includes admissions made by CAIR that prove their deadly intent.

This is a column that every American and citizen of the free world should read in its entirety and respond to by contacting their U.S. Senators and House of Representatives members in the U.S. Congress, the White House, and e-mailing or writing to Editors of Newspapers---all of which can be accomplished by using links in PelicanPost's sidebar under News Sources and Government Sources.

Read more in excerpts below or in the entire piece here.
CAIR Founded by “Islamic Terrorists”?

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, Inc., filed a defamation lawsuit against Andrew Whitehead, of Anti-CAIR (or ACAIR), a grass-roots project whose name explains its mission: to expose the largest, most vocal, and dangerous Islamist organization in North America.

CAIR’s March 2004 lawsuit is part of what seems to be a policy of using the legal process to silence or chill critics. In this case, CAIR claimed it had been harmed by six statements on ACAIR’s website, including CAIR’s being founded by Hamas supporters, being partially funded by terrorists, and intending to impose Islamic law on the United States.

Then, on June 20, 2005, CAIR filed an amended motion that substantially cut back on its libel claims, retaining just portions of two of the original six statements. With original misspellings retained, the offending passages are: [shown in bold print]

· Let their be no doubt that CAIR is a terrorist supporting front organization….

· [CAIR] seeks to overthrow constitutional government in the United States….

Why did CAIR drastically reduce its claims versus Whitehead? It might have to do with Whitehead, admirably represented by Reed Rubinstein of Greenberg Traurig LLP, having responded to CAIR’s lawsuit with an extensive and well informed set of discovery requests and documents. These filings perhaps established for CAIR the depth of Whitehead’s knowledge and the soundness of his opinions.

If so, then CAIR’s leadership concluded that the bulk of its case against Whitehead would collapse in court. CAIR’s filing an amended motion has two apparent implications: that CAIR has tacitly acknowledges the truth of Whitehead’s deleted assertions; and those assertions can now be repeated with legal impunity.

We list here [in bold print] the key statements that CAIR no longer deems legally improper, followed by some speculations as to why it might have decided not to contest them in court.

· [CAIR is an] organization founded by Hamas supporters….

· CAIR was started by Hamas members….

· CAIR … was founded by Islamic terrorists.....

· [CAIR] is partially funded by terrorists…

Terrorists themselves don’t literally give out money, but organizations that fund terrorism also fund CAIR. The Saudi-based Islamic Development Bank, gave CAIR $250,000 in August 1999. The IDB also manages funds (Al-Quds, Al-Aqsa) which finance suicide bombings against Israeli civilians by providing funds to the families of Palestinian “martyrs....”

· CAIR receives direct funding from Islamic terrorist supporting countries.

CAIR has received funds from Saudi Arabia.... [which] announced in December 1999 that it “was extending both moral and financial support to CAIR” to help it construct its $3.5 million headquarters in Washington, D.C....

Saudi Arabia, the homeland Osama bin Laden and fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers, is reasonably described as “terrorist supporting.” The 9/11 Commission staff describes Saudi Arabia as having an environment where “fund-raisers and facilitators throughout Saudi Arabia and the Gulf” raised money for al Qaeda. In July 2005, U.S. Treasury Undersecretary Stuart Levey stated that “even today, we believe that Saudi donors may still be a significant source of terrorist financing, including for the insurgency in Iraq.”

· CAIR has proven links to… Islamic terrorists.

It’s easy to understand why CAIR chose to leave this one alone, what with five current or former CAIR affiliates arrested, convicted, or deported on terrorism-related charges....

· CAIR is a fundamentalist organization dedicated to the overthrow of the United States Constitution and the installation of an Islamic theocracy in America.

· CAIR wishes nothing more than the implementation of a SHARIA law in American.

· [CAIR seeks to replace the government of the United States] with an Islamist theocracy using our own Constitution as protection....

· CAIR is here to make radical Islam the dominant religion in the United States and to convert our country into an Islamic theocracy along the lines of Iran.

These facts suggest why CAIR felt it had to drop most of its libel claims against Andrew Whitehead. Should this case go to court, we will watch with interest how Whitehead’s two remaining opinions (that CAIR is a terrorist-supporting front organization and that it seeks to overthrow the constitutional government of the United States) will fare....

Daniel Pipes ( is director of the Middle East Forum; Sharon Chadha ( is the co-author of Middle East Politics (forthcoming) .

Danny Pearl, Wall Street Journal reporter, brutally murdered by terrorists in Karachi, Pakistan.... in 2002

A fifth terrorist involved in the kidnap and murder of Danny Pearl has now been captured in Pakistan. The first four terrorists were captured, tried and one was sentenced to death.

5th terrorist captured in Pakistan for the brutal kidnap and murder of Danny Pearl....

It's been a long time coming, but a 5th terrorist has been captured and will be prosecuted for his role in the kidnap and barbaric beheading of Danny Pearl, Wall Street Journal reporter who was doing research on Islamic terrorism.

Read more below and here.
"Militant Arrested for Daniel Pearl Murder"

"One of the Militants wanted for the kidnap and murder of American Daniel Pearl was arrested yesterday in Pakistan: Police and intelligence agents Wednesday arrested a suspected militant who was wanted for a role in the killing of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, officials said. The man, identified as Hashim Qadeer, was captured from a bus at a terminal in the eastern Pakistan city of Gujranwala....

Pearl was kidnapped and later beheaded in the southern Pakistan city of Karachi while he was researching a story on Islamic militancy in 2002. Months later, a court in Karachi convicted four Islamic militants in Pearl's killing, including British-born Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, who was sentenced to death. The three others were given life imprisonment....

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit 28 July 2005

GOOD NEWS & BAD NEWS: Federal deficits are cut dramatically, while corrupt fleecing of American taxpayers & a federal government agency continues....

Readers, this is an editorial, "BUDGET: Good and bad news," that praises the Bush Administration's dramatically cutting the deficit. At the same time, it fisks the Transportation Safety Administration [TSA] for fleecing American taxpayers and fisks the U.S. Congress for not doing its job of oversight. The editorial is correct on all three points.

The budget deficit would be much lower if not for such fleecings and slack oversight and if not for non-federal pork being crammed into non-related legislation in the U.S. Congress---taxpayer paid-for government pork for things that are the responsibility of the states or private entities, not the federal government. It would also be lower if Congress members spent more time dutifully legislating instead of playing partisan political games.

More info about this fleecing of American taxpayers and of the federal government by contractors and sub-contractors, in conjunction with agencies such as the TSA, below and here.
"As the federal government battles huge deficits, there is good news: The Bush tax cuts have put the economy back on track, and that's drying up federal deficits.

Retail sales and factory orders are up and unemployment has fallen to its lowest level in almost four years. With more people working, there is more income to tax -- and federal receipts are 15.5 percent higher than last year, the steepest increase since the early days of the Reagan administration.

The deficit for fiscal 2005, which ends Sept. 30, had been expected to hit $427 billion. Now "only" $333 billion in red ink is projected. That's progress. Now government needs to get the deficits even lower, through better money management.

Now the bad news.
The Transportation Safety Administration, created in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, was told to federalize airport baggage screeners within a year. In the rush to meet that mandate, The Washington Post says, TSA subcontractors appear to have improperly spent about $300 million.

For example, the Post says, taxpayers were billed $1,180 for 20 gallons of coffee -- $3.70 a cup.
Somehow, it cost $1,500 for a three-week rental of 14 extension cords at a Colorado recruitment site. About $525 was spent on a single long-distance telephone call from Chicago to Iowa City. Five calls, lasting less than 13 minutes, were made to Columbia one day. The cost: $156.

Nearly $40,000 a day was spent to keep a New York recruitment center open -- $660,000 in all. Three tents were erected for recruiters in Boston, at the incredible cost of $514,000. It rained, and the tents flooded.

A TSA spokesman tried to justify his bureaucracy's abysmal record by telling the Post that "any time you are on a war footing, you will pay a premium for products and services." That much of a premium? Surely not.

Members of Congress from Florida's First Coast didn't think so. Rep. Ander Crenshaw called the TSA's spending habits "egregious." Sen. Bill Nelson said it was "inexcusable." Rep. Cliff Stearns called for accountability.

Rep. John Mica went even further, saying maybe some involved should go to jail.
Congress, of course, cannot monitor everything as it is happening. It can, however, make a highly visible example of those caught wasting money. That should happen, immediately."

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

OBSTRUCTIONIST U.S. SENATE DEMOCRATS HAVE A SELF-DEVISED VICE: they invented a "vise" to squeeze the Bush White House they regard with "contempt...."

Obstructionist Senate Democrats use their self-devised partisan political "Vise & Contempt" contraption to try to squeeze documents out of the White House---even the ones they know they are not entitled to and will not get.

75,000 documents already handed over by the White House was "not enough." They want "more." And more is never enough, either. So they legitimize obstructions, a/k/a blackmail tactics, to try to publicly intimidate and bully the Bush Administration to turn over whatever they want.

What they really want is to defeat any pro-life, pro-religion, pro-following the Constitution as it is written nominee. That rules out all Republicans. So, the Dems now have a litmus test that allows only liberal lefties to be confirmed. Bwaaaahh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.....

The unhinged Dems' chances of getting their demanded catch-of-the-day is about as likely as their getting blood out of seaweed. Nil.... Zero.... Not on your sweet-little-grandmother's life.... Ever!

WHITE HOUSE will not hand over John G. Roberts, Jr.'s tax returns or privileged documents to U.S. Senate

Senate precedent or not, the White House is not obliged to hand over Roberts' tax returns and privileged Executive Branch communications. There is no requirement for such in the Constitution. In fact, federal income taxes did not even exist when the Constitution was ratified or for many years thereafter.

Obstructionist Senate Democrats are already screaming about this justifiable refusal by the White House to provide information the Senate is not entitled to receive, at the same time they have been provided all documents appropriate to the confirmation process---over 75K documents. They only want the documents they know they won't get---to go on a fishing expedition and use to propagandize against the nominee.

These obstructionists are only interested in playing partisan political "gotcha" games and waging a political war against the President and his administration. Well, it's time for the games to stop and for obstructionist legislators in Washington to behave like ethical professionals and do their Constitutional sworn duty.

There is also nothing in the Constitution that provides for obstructionist screening committees to substitute their judgment for the full Senate membership's judgment---and nothing that provides for the use of obstructionist filibusters and holds. Obstructionist "holds" to force production of documents are note even mentioned in the Senate Rules or Procedures. They are merely partisan political tools that need to be banned.

Read more on this topic, below and here.
"The Bush administration will not give Senate investigators access to the federal tax returns of Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr., White House and congressional officials said yesterday, a break with precedent that could exacerbate a growing conflict over document disclosure in the confirmation process.

Although nominees to the high court in recent decades were required to provide their three most recent annual tax forms, the administration will neither collect such documents from Roberts nor share them with the Senate Judiciary Committee, the officials said. Instead, the Internal Revenue Service will produce a one-page summary.

The White House yesterday began releasing the first of 75,000 pages of documents stemming from Roberts's service as a lawyer in President Ronald Reagan's administration two decades ago but refused to release papers from his time as deputy solicitor general under President George H.W. Bush from 1989 to 1993. These papers, Bush aides said, concern internal executive branch deliberations that remain privileged...."

Supreme Court Justices are not bound by lower federal court decisions they believe to be wrong....

So says U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales....

U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL ALBERTO GONZALES: Supreme Court Justices are not bound by lower federal court decisions they believe to be wrong....

U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales made clear that precedents that apply at lower federal court levels do not restrict decisions made by Supreme Court Justices, who do not have to follow previous decisions they believe to be wrong.

Supreme Court Justices are sworn to follow the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law. As to Roe vs. Wade, there is nothing in either the Constitution or U.S. law that establishes a "right to privacy" or a right to murder developing unbirthed human babies. This so-called "right" derives only from unconstitutional activist-judge-made decisions that are not constitutional or protected by law. Judges to not have the right or authority to legislate [make law].

Read on to learn more about Gonzales' firm stands on key issues, below and here.
"AG Gonzales: Roe vs. Wade Not Set In Stone by High Court"

" Talking about the landmark court decision legalizing abortion, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said a Supreme Court justice does not have to follow a previous ruling "if you believe it's wrong."

....Gonzales said the legal right to abortion is settled for lower courts but not the Supreme Court, suggesting high-court nominee John Roberts would not be bound by his past statement that the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision settled the issue.

On other subjects.... Gonzales:

....declined to answer questions about his decision while White House counsel to delay notifying most White House staff about a Justice Department investigation into the leak of a covert CIA officer's identity.

....defended indefinite detention of terror suspects at the U.S. naval prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as "absolutely the right decision" in the war against terrorism.

....said the administration opposes federal legislation to shield reporters from having to reveal confidential sources, but also said the government has been "very, very careful," issuing only a dozen subpoenas since 1991 seeking reporters' confidential sources...."

Originally against abortion, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin D-IL now has a pro-abortion litmus test for federal court judges & Supreme Court Justices....

Well, here we have an article that describes Dick Durbin’s "evolving standard of decency" with regard to abortion. He was pro-life long enough to get elected to the U.S. Senate, but has pulled off a total 180 degree reversal, thrown decency out the window, and become one of the most outspoken advocates of abortion---even the so-called partial-birth abortion that murders a living human infant in the process of being birthed.

Durbin supports the unconstitutional "right to privacy" and an assumed right to unlimited abortion installed by judicial activist federal judges who have no right to make laws from the federal court bench.

Now Durbin utilizes an unconstitutional pro-abortion litmus test for presidential nominees to the courts---and approves the use of obstructionist legislative filibusters and holds to block any nominee whom he assumes to be pro-life. Instead of upholding the Constitution and rule of law as he is sworn to do, Durbin chooses to obstruct both.

More info below and here.
"If the Supreme Court continues using “evolving standards of decency” to interpret the 8th Amendment, it may soon declare it cruel and unusual punishment to subject double-talking politicians like Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois to questioning by Tim Russert, host of NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Russert put Durbin on the rack last Sunday, torturing the poor man with his own contradictory words.

When Durbin was first elected to the U.S. House, you see, he was pro-life. Now, as a pro-abortion member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he is expected by left-wing groups to enforce his party’s pro-abortion litmus test for Supreme Court nominees.

With the nomination of Judge John Roberts to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Durbin is showing every sign of living up to those expectations.

Back in 1983, as Russert pointed out, Durbin “believed that Roe v. Wade was incorrectly decided” and supported “a constitutional limit to ban all abortions.” Durbin, Russert said, wrote to a constituent: “The right to an abortion is not guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.” Durbin did not contest Russert’s characterization of his formerly pro-life, anti-Roe views. “I’ll concede that point to you, Tim,” he said....

It ought to be reasonable to assume that as a legislative lawyer and medical school professor, Durbin arrived at his anti-Roe views thoughtfully. He may even have read then-Associate Justice William Rehnquist’s devastating rebuttal of Roe’s unsustainable claim that the 14th Amendment created a right to abortion....

What changed Durbin’s mind about the meaning of the Constitution?

....The truth is there is nothing any pro-lifer can say, do, or advocate that can change the fact that the Constitution, as written and ratified, does not prohibit states from restricting abortion. Durbin might as well say: Some pro-lifers root for the Dodgers, therefore the Constitution guarantees a right to abortion...."

Is Hollywood brainwashing Americans and corrupting our youth with anti-U.S. propaganda and subliminal seduction....?

What a surprise.... that corruption and cynicism is coming out of Hollywood, of all places.

Have we Americans become so desensitized and hardened to the anti-U.S. tripe that comes out of Hollywood that it has become just entertainment as usual? Something to just be shrugged off---like the demonization of the War Against Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, our troops with boots on the ground fighting that worldwide war, and our President and his administration?

Do the youth of America need to have their heads filled with such nihilist, seditionist tripe and subliminally instilled propaganda? Or, any of us.... for that matter?

The answers are No, No, No and No! No question about it.

Read Podhoretz excellent piece on this topic, below and here.
"New York Post columnist John Podhoretz has ripped into Hollywood stars who "are out to bash the U.S.” for its policy on Iraq. In his Wednesday column headlined "Hollywood Hell,” Podhoretz tells readers:

Oliver Stone is directing a movie about the 9/11 attacks. This is the same Oliver Stone who has called the attacks a legitimate "revolt” against America. The conspiracy theorist and "JFK” director has also suggested the attacks might have been the brainchild of multinational corporations....

Steven Spielberg is making a movie about the aftermath of the Munich Olympics massacre, when the Israeli government launched a campaign to assassinate those responsible for killing 11 Israeli athletes. The movie’s screenwriter Tony Kushner is a self-proclaimed Marxist....

Podhoretz writes that Kushner "views Israeli self-defense in the Intifada as a ‘brutal repercussion’ from American warmongering after 9/11, and ‘takes inspiration’ from Israeli soldiers who refuse to serve” in the West Bank or Gaza.

The co-writer of Spielberg’s last film "War of the Worlds,” David Koepp, has said that to many people the aliens in the movie symbolize the U.S. military. "Certainly there are a lot of political undertones and overtones,” he told the Chicago Sun Times. "In other parts of the world, the new movie will be [about] fear of American invasion. It will be clearly about the Iraq war for them.”

Jane Fonda has created new controversy by announcing she plans to take a cross-country bus tour to call for an end to U.S. military operations in Iraq. The move comes after "Hanoi Jane” spent time this spring "sorta kinda apologizing for her appalling conduct” during the Vietnam War, Podhoretz writes...."