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By Jacqueline, PelicanPost.blogspot - 14 Feb 2005

The article excerpted below ties right in with my earlier article this morning about Fox News Channel's Kiran Chetry's negative remarks about bloggers---that bloggers' "rumors" and "writing from the top of their heads" were responsible for "bringing down" Eason Jordan. It was Jordan's own arrogance and slandering of U.S. military in his address at a conference in Davos, Switzerland---accusing the U.S. military of "targeting" and murdering news journalists---in addition to his stating similar slanders at another conference in Portugal and his confession that CNN withheld news to preserve their access to Saddam Hussein that brought him down. Bloggers correctly reported statements from Davos conference attendees U.S. Sen Chris Dodds, U.S. Rep. Barney Franks and American businessman Rony Abovitz who challenged Jordan to provide documentation of his remarks---which Jordan has not done. Bloggers also reported documented facts from credible unbiased media. It was bloggers' accurate reporting that exposed Eason Jordan's remarks to the entire blogosphere.

Perhaps Chetry had read and believed today's NY Times subtle smear of bloggers that shows their writers' umbrage about the growing audience and influence of serious journalist bloggers fed up with news manipulation and control of information by liberal elite mainstream media---both broadcast and print---as if the NY Times and the MSM have the right to control not only what gets communicated to the American people but also who gets to communicate it. It also shows their fear of something they know they cannot control---hence their almost hesitant stealth criticism by innuendo.

Seems to me these arrogant NY Times writers have entitlement issues---i.e. they wrongly believe they are entitled to be the super-authority on what is news and how/when it is presented and entitled to censor and slime the bloggers who are yanking pedestals right out from under biased, activist media tyrants and forcing them to adhere to the truth, documented information and actual named sources for their controlled "news."

Get over it, NY Times. If you are incapable of delivering unbiased, truthful, accurate and thoroughly sourced and documented news---including named sources and referenced documentation---you have no business in the "news" business. You're into creative writing and mind control. We don't want to hear or read your liberal hard-left ideology or suffer your self-proclaimed "authority." What you're printing is schlock designed to indoctrinate a public you assume to be inferior and in need of instruction in order to think like hard-left liberals think and act accordingly. And you could not be more wrong.

There are plenty of well-educated, well-read and intelligent bloggers out here and you insult and denigrate them at your peril. The NY Times is losing readership and subscribers and is on its way to becoming the next dinosaur to become eligible for the La Brea Tarpits. It's ABC 1-2-3 simple: Change or become extinct.

There is a link below to BuzzMachine, Jeff Jarvis blogsite, which features a copy of the letter Jarvis wrote to Bill Keller of the NY Times in response to his having been quoted out of context in the Times' article without anyone in their employ having even talked with him. Jarvis also writes on his blog that the NY Times inferred that, because Ed Morrissey of CaptainsQuartersblog is a "Call Center Manager," he is not one of them---i.e. not in their closed elite club---and so Morrissey"s capacity to be a "real journalist" can be called into question. The Times' "imperious hubris" and arrogance are made even more noticeable by their stealth attack on serious, credible bloggers---impugning their intelligence and trying to silence them through innuendo that calls their credibility into question. They are proceeding on little cats' feet when they would really like to sneak up behind us with a sledgehammer.

All you have to do, folks, is go to BuzzLine and read Jarvis' writings and you will see that they show far more honest, reasonable, and rational communication than that you will read in the Times article below or anywhere in the Times. I will be waiting to see if Bill Keller takes him up on his offer of a debate. My guess is he won't. But, if he does, my money will be on Jarvis.

The excerpted portions of the NY Times article, link to entire article, and link to BuzzLine follow below:

"Resignation at CNN Shows the Growing Influence of Blogs"
By Katherine Q. Seelye, Jacques Steinberg, David F. Gallagher, nytimes, February 14, 2005

"With the resignation Friday of a top news executive from CNN, bloggers have laid claim to a prominent media career for the second time in five months. In September, conservative bloggers exposed flaws in a report by Dan Rather.... On Friday, after nearly two weeks of intensifying pressure on the Internet, Eason Jordan, the chief news executive at CNN, abruptly resigned after being besieged by the online community....

For some bloggers - people who publish the sites known as Web logs - it was a declaration that this was just the beginning. Edward Morrissey, a call center manager who lives near Minneapolis and has written extensively about the Jordan controversy, wrote on his blog, Captain's Quarters ( "The moral of the story: the media can't just cover up the truth and expect to get away with it - and journalists can't just toss around allegations without substantiation and expect people to believe them anymore."

Mr. Jordan, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in late January, apparently said, according to various witnesses, that he believed the United States military had aimed at journalists and killed 12 of them....

But while the bloggers are feeling empowered, some in their ranks are openly questioning where they are headed. One was Jeff Jarvis, the head of the Internet arm of Advance Publications, who publishes a blog at Mr. Jarvis said bloggers should keep their real target in mind. "I wish our goal were not taking off heads but digging up truth," he cautioned.

....some in the traditional media are growing alarmed as they watch careers being destroyed by what they see as the growing power of rampant, unedited dialogue.

Steve Lovelady.... managing editor of CJR Daily, the Web site of The Columbia Journalism Review, has been among the most outspoken. "The salivating morons who make up the lynch mob prevail," he lamented online after Mr. Jordan's resignation....

Some on line were simply trying to make sense of what happened. "Have we entered an era where our lives can be destroyed by a pack of wolves hacking at their keyboards with no oversight, no editors, and no accountability?" asked a blogger named Mark Coffey.... His own conclusion is that the mainstream media "is being held to account as never before by the strong force of individual citizens who won't settle for sloppy research and inflammatory comments without foundation, particularly from those with a wide national reach, such as Rather and Eason."

It was a businessman attending the forum in Davos who put Mr. Jordan's comments on the map with a Jan. 28 posting. Rony Abovitz.... was invited to Davos and was asked to write for the forum's first-ever blog, his first blogging effort. In an interview yesterday, he said that he had challenged Mr. Jordan's assertion that the United States was taking aim at journalists and asked for evidence. Mr. Abovitz asked some of the journalists at the event if they were going to write about Mr. Jordan's comments and concluded that they were not because journalists wanted to protect their own.... Mr. Abovitz said the remarks bothered him, and at 2:21 a.m. local time, he posted his write-up on the forum's official blog under the headline "Do U.S. Troops Target Journalists in Iraq?"

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