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George W. Bush's "carbon footprint" vs. that of " BIG carbon footprint" Al Gore

Folks, here is a very enlightening washingtontimes editorial that gives us some interesting facts illustrating the hypocrisy in Al Gore's global-scare about "global warming."

While Gore is jet-setting all over the place and gobbling up fossil fuel faster than you can say "enrich Ahmadinijad," President Bush is light years ahead of him by constraining the carbon footprint of his own home and property in Crawford, Texas.

Read about it below and at the above link.
"Houses and masters"

"In recent weeks, chortling e-mail comparisons of President Bush's relatively eco-friendly Texas ranch with the energy-gobbling Tennessee mansion of former Vice President Al Gore have buzzed around the Internet. Chiefly of interest to global-warming skeptics, they also find an audience with anyone with a taste for measuring hypocrisy. Is this churlish? Sure. It is a game of "gotcha"? You bet.

The facts virtually guarantee that this would happen. Mr. Bush is supposedly anti-environment. Mr. Gore is supposed to be the environmental conscience of the nation... But only one of these men lives in a home straight out of "Bobos in Paradise," and it's not Al Gore.

...Mr. Bush's 4,000-square-foot home uses geothermal heat from water pumped 300 feet into the earth, where the temperature is a constant 67 degrees. The water warms the home in winter and cools it in summertime. The system uses an estimated 25 percent of the electricity in comparable home heating and air-conditioning units. Mr. Bush's ranch is relatively water-efficient thanks to a 25,000-gallon underground cistern, which purifies rain and home wastewater before the newly clean water is used to irrigate the surrounding landscape of native high-prairie plants and flowers. In other words, Mother Earth can breathe easy.

The particulars of Mr. Gore's 20-room, 10,000-square-foot Belle Meade mansion are by now well known, thanks to the Tennessee Center for Policy Research. The Gore house consumes more energy in a month than the average American household does in a year. Mr. Gore spent nearly $30,000 on gas and electricity in 2006..."

First, those who talk the talk should also walk the walk... Second, and what's less obvious: If we're talking about hypocrisy and not questioning the underlying goal of reducing one's "carbon footprint," shouldn't the left be pleased that such a major victory for the environmentally conscious has taken place? We should think so. But we're not hearing it..."

Nancy Pelosi foolishly violates Constitution... and, perhaps, the federal Logan Act...

Linked below are two articles related to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's arrogant extra-constitutional activities in which she inserted herself, foolishly and detrimentally, into federal foreign affairs and diplomacy---against the wishes of the President of the United States.

Mme. Pelosi presumed to substitute herself and her own faulty judgment for that of President Bush and Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice, in foreign policy and diplomacy, without having been elected to a position which affords her the right to do so.

The President is the only elected official who is elected by all of the American people in a national election. Pelosi was only elected to represent California's House District that comprises the uber-liberal San Francisco area.

Being elected Speaker of the House by a slim majority of House members does not grant Pelosi presidential powers, diplomatic powers held by the Secretary of State, or a mandate to meddle in and manipulate powers granted specifically to the Executive Branch of government by the U.S. Constitution. It is not her right to expand Legislative Branch powers to suit herself and her grandiose idea of her importance..

Pelosi's engagment in an illicit shadow presidency and making a grab for Executive Branch powers is unacceptable. Her delusions of grandeur and self-inflated importance are increasingly making a joke of her and like-minded fellow Democrats in Congress. They would be well-advised to kick her to the curb.

I agree with Jerry Zeifman. Pelosi should resign. She has seriously abused her limited powers as Speaker of the House, abused House Rules, and may well have violated federal law---namely the Logan Act.

More in the following articles and also here, "Pelosi's Syria diplomacy a felony? Former State Department official sees possible violation of Logan Act."
"Nancy Pelosi Should Resign" by Jerry Zeifman here

"Nancy Pelosi has persistently violated her duty to exercise her speaker powers in accordance with the Constitution and the current "106th Congress House Rules Manual" (House Document 106-320). In short, she has fostered what is known as "tyranny by the majority" — and violated House Rules that give her the duty to maintain order, civility, and decorum, and to foster "comity" (a word rarely used these days, meaning "mutual respect")...."

"Currently, Pelosi, who is second in line to the president, often describes herself as a partner in his power — a higher role than the Constitution grants to the vice president, who is first in the line of secession — and whose only official duties are confined to presiding over the Senate..."
"Ironically, history is now repeating itself. Our first woman Speaker Pelosi may well deserve to become the second Democratic speaker to be compelled to resign from Congress. The prior history of Democratic Speaker Jim Wright is now being repeated by Nancy Pelosi..."
"Pelosi is Our Neville Chamberlain" by Ronald Kessler here

"With her trip to Syria, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi achieved two things: She undercut her own credibility in Washington, and she spotlighted what is wrong with the Democrats' approach to national security.

The spectacle of Pelosi making nice with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad in Damascus and accepting at face value his claim that he is ready to "resume the peace process" with Israel had a large portion of official Washington tittering..."

Moreover, Pelosi misrepresented Israel's position to Assad, announcing that she had delivered a message from Olmert that "Israel was ready to engage in peace talks" with Syria. Olmert quickly issued a statement denying that.

Even the Washington Post saw through the charade. "Ms. Pelosi not only misrepresented Israel's position but was virtually alone in failing to discern that Mr. Assad's words were mere propaganda," an editorial in the paper said. The editorial added that "Ms. Pelosi's attempt to establish a shadow presidency is not only counterproductive, it is foolish...

Pelosi's willingness to undercut the president and accept the word of the chief of state of a sponsor of terrorism is on a par with the Democrats' effort to set a timetable for fighting the war in Iraq. It brings to mind the efforts of Joseph P. Kennedy, the founder of the Kennedy dynasty, to appease Adolf Hitler...

"Speaker Pelosi is the Neville Chamberlain of our time," said Brad Blakeman, a Republican strategist who was an aide in the Bush White House. "Cowering to and appeasing the dictator of a terrorist state was a disgrace to the high office she holds. The Sryians used this visit to validate their bad behavior by propagandizing the whole visit and her anti-war stance."

The Pelosi visit underscores that, when it comes to dealing with our enemies, the Democrats live in a dream world. Yet when another terrorist attack occurs in the U.S., they will be the first to say President Bush did not do enough to protect the country..."

Saturday, November 11, 2006

We honor all of America's military heroes on Veterans' Day... past and present... and thank them for their service...!

God bless our brave Veterans for their service and victories in the past, all who have fallen in battle, and our brave American troops who are now fighting to preserve civilization as we know it.

May God hold them all in the hollow of His hand...

In case you were wondering about PelicanPost's opinion of Election 2006...

Nodou'taboutit..., some U.S. House and Senate results really suck...!

Don't even ask... I dunno' what this other-worldly little beastie is..., but it has a tell-tale clue on its collar. It hearts "D's"...

Unfortunately, the victorious Democrats' idea of victory in the War on Terrorism is to cut"n"run from Iraq...

But the Iraqis realize the importance and value of having America's brave GI "Joes" and "Janes" stay in Iraq until their mission is, in fact, accomplished.

Without American military support in standing up a strong Iraqi government, army, police force, and security force, there will be no real "victory."

If Democrats cut off the purse-strings for the war and force American troops to cut'n'run, Iraq's terrorist neighbors will easily swallow them up... and all our fallen troops will have died in vain. Then, Americans will have to face a far more serious and empowered terrorist onslaught.

Soooo...., the onus is now on the anti-war Democrats. If they pull the rug from under our troops and the war, the responsibility for failure and diminution of U.S. power abroad will be their legacy. As will any increase of terrorism in the United States following a Dem-instigated retreat.

(Hat tip to Gary Varvel for political 'toon.)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'd prefer to call this the politics of "scared straight... by in-your-face reality..."

Hey..., if this wasn't enough to scare the pooh-lolly out of hang-backish Republicans, it worries me to think of what it would take...

(Hat tip to Nick Anderson for political 'toon.)

Wes Pruden: Scary Nancy Pelosi is hiding out in Washington, DC on election night... so she won't be seen in San Francisco...

Well, folks... Wes Pruden of washingtontimes has the best column going today, "'The people rule,' for a day, anyway," covering the many idiosyncrasies, ironies and fears on this election day and the prognostications and contrivances that led up to it.

Here are a few of my favorite excerpts... and you can read the rest at the above link.
"And now to the hour when conservatives will either scare the Republicans straight, or send them all to bed with neither a smile nor supper. The Democrats are eager to throw out the rascals and replace them with rascals of their own, but they can't do it without the help of conservatives bent on punishing their own....

The pundits and pollsters, eager as always to choose the winners and losers before the voters have their say, reluctantly conclude on the eve of Election Day '06 that they're not absolutely, positively sure that enough conservatives are angry enough...

But the traditional Republican campaign mantra -- "Vote Republican, we're not as bad as you think" -- actually has more resonance than usual this year. If the Republicans are disappointing, the Democrats are scary. The Nancy Pelosi fright mask was a big seller this Halloween season.

If the sight of Nancy wouldn't make soldiers' babies cry and dogs scoot under the sofa, the sight of Charlie Rangel, his pockets full of legislation to raise everybody's taxes, would. Mzz Pelosi will be in Washington tonight so that if the Democrats take over the House the television cameras won't find her in San Francisco..."

Monday, November 06, 2006

This is the hard-left power-starved Democrat crowd that wants to undo all the progress made by the Bush Administration.

Folks, here is the Democrats' rogues' gallery of what the face of the House of Representatives will look like with a Speaker Nancy Pelosi and radical Democrats as Committee Chairs...

In the lower right corner is Charlie Rangel, who will raise our taxes by letting President Bush's tax cuts expire---which would be ruinous to the enormously strong and successful Bush economy.

At lower front center is Alcee Hastings, a former convicted felon who was removed from a federal court judgeship and later elected to the U.S. House of Representativesand allowed by that Democrat-controlled body to be seated again.

At center-row-left is the Congressional "king of pork and earmark-dealing" Jack Murtha, who slandered our troops in Iraq as murderers and wants to yank them out of Iraq and exile them to the Pacific island of Okinawa.

The hand on Nancy "San Francisco values" Pelosi's shoulder is that of Barnie Frank, an openly gay House member from Massachusetts who had a male prostitute living with him and running a male-prostitution ring from his house. Frank was then re-elected and seated... again and again.

The rest of this hard-left crowd are similarly objectionable. And they're salivating to pursue endless destructive investigations of the Bush Administration and do their level best to impeach our President who restored honor and dignity to a White House that had been sullied and debased by Bill Clinton and his immoral actions---even in the Oval Office.

Need I say more...? Vote tommorow like our lives, country, and democracy depend on it... because they do...!

And be sure to read "What's Really at Stake on Election Day?" at humanevents. As you will see, "there is a lot at stake on the ballot; this election will affect the future in immediate, very dramatic ways. The nation faces two powerful ideological threats..."

Voters beware...!! The opportunity cost for putting Democrats back in control of either house of Congress... is far too dear!

This is what the dangerous Democrats will do if they manage to take back the U.S. House of Representatives... It's a sure bet...!

They will also try to dismantle the Patriot Act and other national security measures put into place to protect us and our homeland from radical Islamo-fascist terrorists... and shove their radical leftist morals, values, programs, agenda and activist federal judges down our throats.

Democrats do not have the will, the desire, or any plan to win the Iraq War, which is the major front in the War Against Terrorism. For that, the terrorists have endorsed them to win this election.

Vote defensively tomorrow---to protect our troops, our President, and 26 million Iraqis who risked their lives to vote for a democratic form of government. John Kerry showed us this week the kind of loathing Democrats have for our troops. Your vote may well be the deciding factor on whether or not we win the Iraq War and the War Against Terrorism...!!

When you vote against the anti-war Democrats, you can also "Vote Against the Mainstream Media." Read here why it's vitally important to "indirectly cast our ballots against the mainstream media's unchecked power by voting against its liberal politicians.

The media's dishonesty is now undeniable. As scholar Thomas Sowell wrote, in this year's elections "the mainstream media are not simply observers and reporters but active partisans..."

(Hat tip to Ed Gamble for political 'toon.)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), U.S. Rep. for ultra-liberal Berkeley area, is in hiding... Has anybody seen her anywhere...?

This is the runaway-bride-eyed-scary U.S. House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who has been lying totally low during the run-up to the November 7th mid-term national election.

Yeah..., I know. She's enough to make most thinking Americans and small animals run for cover... Worse than that, she'll be the Speaker of the House---and third in line for the Presidency---if the Democrats win back the House of Representatives. Now that's a horrifying prospect...!

Soooo....., we all need to start a "Wheeeerrre's Naaaannncy Peloooosssi?" campaign. She need's to come out of hiding to answer questions about her uber-radical anti-everything to the right of hard-left voting record, don'cha think...? Including her two-faced anti-labor position when it comes to her and her husband's own business enterprises---vineyards and restaurants.

We also need to start a "Wheeeerrre's Haaaarrry Reeeeid?" campaign, since the U.S. Senate Minority Leader's also been lying low since the facts came out about his miraculous sale of a Nevada property he hadn't even owned for 3 years... for a tidy$1.1 million dollars profit that he conveniently hid and "overlooked" reporting to the FEC. Tell me, how does a law-abiding person manage to sell property he doesn't even own? I'd like to hear all about it straight from the wheeler-dealer's mouth, wouldn't you?

Read about Harry Reid's lucrative wheeling and dealing miracles in PelicanPost Archives -October 11 and 18, 2006 to see what a slick businessman Reid is while on the government's dime.

Are ya'll up for these call-'em-out-'n'-grill-'em campaigns...? Let's do it! Spread th' word, now, ya' heah...?

Read about "The Real Speaker Pelosi" here. And read about another topic Pelosi needs to answer questions about here.

Newsflash...! Democrat sex scandal...! Senator Dan Sutton, D-UT, accused of "groping" male page in hotel room, spurring criminal investigation...

The father of a teenage Senate Page has filed a complaint with the Attorney General against South Dakota Legislature's Democrat Senator Dan Sutton---for physically "groping" his son. Sutton's lawyer said Sutton will not resign, so now there are two investigations: the criminal investigation already being conducted by the SD Atty. General and the one that will commence on Nov. 27, 2006 in the state legislature.

This is a sex scandal which, unlike the one involving former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley, does involve actual physical, sexual contact---namely, a sexual assault.

So, I guess we'll soon be seeing if the major mainstream media will run with this sexual assault story---or bury it. Since this scandal involves a Democrat, my prediction is that they will do the latter. It's what they do.

Read about it below and here.
"The Senate is scheduled to convene in a special session Nov. 27 to look into allegations that Sen. Dan Sutton, a Democrat from the eastern town of Flandreau, "sexually groped" an 18-year-old page in this year's legislative session. After hearing evidence, the Senate could take actions ranging from imposing no punishment up to expelling Sutton, a 36-year-old insurance agent.

Sutton, who is seeking re-election, has not responded publicly to the allegations...

The Senate's interest is finding out what, if anything, happened to one of the students who were entrusted to us and how to ensure it's not going to happen in the future with the next group of kids coming in January," said Republican Sen. Lee Schoenbeck, president pro tem of the Senate. "It's completely separate from any criminal investigation...

In South Dakota, the page reported the incident to the attorney general's office within two days of the alleged misconduct... The former page's father filed a formal complaint alleging that Sutton invited the page to stay overnight in his motel room and then groped the young man.

...letter told Sutton that if he did not resign within a week, the Senate would start formal proceedings to investigate and possibly punish the senator. Sutton did not resign, so the top Senate leaders from both political parties asked Gov. Mike Rounds to call the chamber into a special session.

Attorney General Larry Long has said only that a criminal investigation is continuing. On Tuesday, the Legislature's Executive Board subpoenaed Long's office for all information related to the investigation.

If Sutton wins re-election next week, the Senate in January would have to decide whether to seat him..."

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

From the sharp American troops who put John Kerry on the run... right off the campaign trail...

These magnificent eight American servicemen now have their very own place in history... and in our hearts. God bless them...!

What a perfect comeback to John Kerry's condescending elitism and arrogance. You gotta' love it...!

Their message has now been transmitted 'round the world, forcing Kerry from a belligerent refusal to apologize... to a tortured pseudo "apology."

Next, they should teach the Massachusetts obliquer a lesson on how to give a straightforward and sincere lie-less apology. I'm sorry what I said was misinterpreted and I apologize to anyone was offended just doesn't get it. Kerry's made it all about him and cast himself as a poor misunderstood victim... who didn't say what he actually said... and it's all George W. Bush's fault.

I'm thinkin' "Non-apology apologies don't count. Suck it up and apologize like a man...!" sounds good for a still-absent-apology follow-up sign.

Read Victor Davis Hanson's take on this "wonderful banner from our brave and ingenious soldiers in Iraq" at corner.nationalreview, to which I found a posting and link at hughhewitt. It's brief and right on point.
Nov. 2 Update:

Kerry's '72 Army Comments Mirror Latest:
"'In 1972, as he ran for the House, he was less apologetic in his comments about the merits of a volunteer army. He declared in the questionnaire that he opposed the draft but considered a volunteer army "a greater anathema."
"I am convinced a volunteer army would be an army of the poor and the black and the brown," Kerry wrote. "We must not repeat the travesty of the inequities present during Vietnam. I also fear having a professional army that views the perpetuation of war crimes as simply 'doing its job...'"

"Rove: Insulting Military Is a Kerry 'Habit': Presidential Aide Says Kerry Has a History of Insulting the Troops" abcnews
About John Kerry's so-called "apology," Karl Rove said, "I take him at his word when he insulted America's fighting forces. This is a habit that he's had over the years. He did it when he came back from Vietnam... This guy was insulting America's troops by suggesting that if you were stupid you went to Iraq...

He ought to apologize to them and he cannot bring himself to do so this. This is his sort of like his elitist attitude about this. When he came back from Vietnam, he slandered his comrades in arms, saying that in the mode of Genghis Khan they raped and pillaged their way across Vietnam. Now he's suggesting only stupid people are willing to volunteer to fight in our military and go into harm's way in Iraq...

Again, he ought to apologize. Why can he not bring himself to say 'You know what? I apologize to America's fighting men and women...' He can't bring himself to do it. In fact, what he does is he suggests that anyone who took umbrage at my remarks is bad. He's attacked people who took his remark as an attack on the military.

But wait a minute. The military took his remark as an attack on the military. He ought to simply apologize. Why can he not bring himself to say, 'I'm sorry. I made a mistake. I'm sorry I insulted you. I didn't mean to do it. Will you please accept my apology and move on?' But he can't bring himself to say it..."
"Hey, Stupid: If you’re reading this in Iraq and wearing an American uniform, John Kerry is smarter than you." By Ed Morrow - nationalreview

This is a great column that explains John Kerry's and other liberals' assumed superiority and self-appointed right to call anyone who disagrees with them "stupid." They've done it to George W. Bush... big time! And that is what John Kerry did each time he insulted our troops in Iraq and, most especially, when he did it earlier this week when this is what he said and how he said it:

“'You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq.'

That was what Sen. John Kerry inarticulately said to a bunch of college kids... And then Kerry gave a small, smug smile. With American troops on the battlefield, fighting and dying, he had exhibited his superior intellect by insulting their character and intelligence. If only they had applied themselves in school, instead of lazily failing to make “an effort,” they wouldn’t have to dodge bullets in Baghdad....

After the explosion of criticism that followed his comments, Kerry indignantly refused to apologize and, without a trace of humor, declared the insulting remark was a “botched joke...”

Kerry, who attained national notice as the face of an antiwar group that used stories told by fake Vietnam vets to brand real vets as war criminals, was insisting that military service made him immune from criticism from non-vets. “Despicable Republicans” and “right-wing nut jobs” were the ones at fault for his remarks being taken literally. We were supposed to know, if we have studied hard and done our homework, that he was insulting the president of the United States, stupid George W. Bush, and not America’s military. That was what that little contemptuous smile had been meant to telegraph..."

About liberals' assumed superiority, Ed Morrow also tells us "James Baldwin wryly defined a liberal as “someone who thinks he knows more about your experience than you do.” To that, we can add, “and who thinks, because of his superior knowledge, he should be making your decisions for you...”
Here is what Vice President Dick Cheney had to say about John Kerry's contemptible insult to American troops in Iraq:

"Of course, now Senator Kerry says he was just making a joke, and he botched it up... "I guess we didn't get the nuance. He was for the joke before he was against it."

You can read the rest at the respective links above.
Nov. 3 Update: "Minnesota unit created 'Halp us Jon Carry' sign" - here

"Members of a unit under the command of the Minnesota National Guard turn out to be the creators of an intentionally misspelled sign that takes a mocking shot at Sen. John Kerry...

...Lt. Col. Kevin Olson, a spokesman for the Minnesota National Guard, said the "Red Bull" logo and the number on the bumper of the truck "1-34" indicate that the soldiers in the picture are under the command of a Minnesota unit. It is impossible... to say whether any of the eight soldiers in the photo are Minnesotans, because the unit also has soldiers from five other states...

Major Jay Adams, chief of public affairs with the 13 Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) and Logistics Support Area Anaconda, confirmed the soldiers holding the banner in the photo are members of the 1/34th. Adams said the sign was "created as a humorous response to remarks made during a recent political speech and demonstrates the wit and longstanding sardonic humor of the American soldier at war..."

Showing his own stupidity, Senator John F. Kerry, D-Massachusetts maligned U.S. troops serving in Iraq... AGAIN...! This week was not the first time.

Stupid is... as stupid speaks...

Seems the "I'm with stupid" shirt is on the wrong person here...

(Hat tip to Mike Lester for political 'toon.)

Senator John Kerry's mug-shot from Yale University... before he tried to get a deferment to keep from fighting in the Vietnam War...

John Kerry's Yale mug shot... Kerry was a "D" student (4 D's) his first year at Yale and he was graduated with a C- average. Not so hot for a U.S. Senator who today disparages the intellect and educational success of American troops fighting in the Iraq War.

Kerry also continues to slander and disparage President George W. Bush's intelligence, when we all know that Bush had higher SAT scores and made better grades at Yale than Kerry. Bush also finished Harvard Graduate School with a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA). Yet the condescending, elitist never lets the facts stop him from trying to smear Bush as being stupid and incompetent---which he definitely is not and never has been.

Kerry always imputes negative attributes to others that he, himself, has---in order to deflect attention from his own flaws and reprehensible actions. He also never lets the truth stand in his way about his fake heroism and medals from the Vietnam War and he still refuses to make public his entire military record (including medical) or explain how he got out of Vietnam after serving there only 4 and 1/2 months. Or who the Viet Kong communists were that he met with in Paris while slandering our troops and working on forcing them to cut and run from Vietnam.

So, let's see all those records now and how fit Kerry was to serve in the military at all---or when he continued to fight against the Vietnam War (founded the VVAW) and met with communist Viet Kong while still an officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve.

Kerry wasn't fit to serve in the U.S. military then... and he isn't fit now to serve as a Senator in the U.S. Congress, where he has built his more than 30 year career on his fake hero record and on the backs of 50K American troops who died in Vietnam.

Resign now, Senator Kerry...!

Read today's outstanding *****Five Star, must read analysis of Kerry's reprehensible military, political, and personal history and his haughty and contemptuous remarks against U.S. troops in Iraq and against their Commander-in-Chief, "John Kerry: The Face of Untrustworthy Democrats," here.

Washington Times Editorial: Sen. Kerry's "arrogant, incredibly elitist... defeatist... reprehensible statement reminds us why he isn't President..."

While the poisonously hard-left New York Times buried the media-storm story about John Kerry's dissing and maligning American troops as so stupid they have to go into the military and go fight in Iraq because that's all they're qualified to do---on page 19A, paragraph 15 of the column---The Washington Times published an Editorial lambasting Kerry, who was a C- student at Yale, saying "the senator gives elitism a bad name..."

Other big papers had the story on the front page, above the fold, featured in the headlines. But then, we already knew The Times always slants their always-political "news" in favor of and consistently protecting Democrats.

A few excerpts are below, the rest here.

Update on other news about Kerry's faux pas grande:

"John Kerry ‘Swiftboats' The Democrats" newsmax
"Kerry Insults Troops" humanevents
"'Soulless' Kerry Lacks Honor, Patriotism" humanevents
"Kerry's Quip: Wellstone Funeral Redux?"
"19 House Republicans Demand Kerry Apologize" (Now it's 29 who have signed on)
"...Stuck in Iraq -- that's what Sen. Kerry thinks happens to people who don't study hard. You end up in the uniform, serving your country and getting shot at. Nice going, Senator Winter Soldier..." ("Winter Soldier" is the name of Kerry's hit-piece book defaming American troops who patriotically served in the Vietnam War.)

"We have news for Mr. Kerry, beyond conveying our assessment that this arrogant, incredibly elitist and defeatist and altogether reprehensible statement reminds us why he isn't president and never will be: Patriotism and selflessness are why young Americans readily put themselves in harm's way for their country's sake. This C student is just plain wrong on the facts.

U.S. recruits are better educated than the average American of equivalent age. In fact, 98 percent of U.S. military recruits have a high-school education or G.E.D. Only 75 percent of equivalent-age American youths do. For senators who can't do the math, that's 23 percentage points past just plain wrong...

We understand that Mr. Kerry's primary aim on Monday was to bomb the White House to get at the commander in chief. The troops were an afterthought. Which, come to think of it, is the point -- just as it was in the 1970s...

...thank you, Mr. Kerry, for speaking so candidly. People can see clearly who you are..."

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy, two lifelong anti-war/anti-troops pols... circa 1971-72... at an anti-war event to defame U.S. troops in Vietnam...

Here we have John Kerry and Ted Kennedy 35 years ago when they worked to force cutting and running from Vietnam. Now the 2 lifelong politicians from Massachusetts are working to force our troops to cut and run from Iraq. They undermined a sitting President then, just like they've undermined President George W. Bush and our troops in Iraq for the past three years.

Today, a defiant John Kerry refused to apologize to U.S. troops in Iraq and their families for his denigrating remarks that Iraq is where young people will end up if they don't get educated. And this was not the first time he maligned our troops in Iraq.

Anti-war Kerry does not want a military that actually goes to war. He wants a "trophy" military, sorta' like he has trophy war medals he never earned and a wealthy trophy wife to support him in his political campaigns. But most of all he wants the ultimate trophy... the White House. And he's still smarting mightily that he didn't get it in 2004.

In his extremely harsh press conference today, Kerry's abject hatred for President Bush and Republicans was palpable, as he bleated a stunningly hostile rejoinder to Tony Snow's and John McCain's criticisms and calls for him to apologize for his slur against our troops yesterday when speaking to an audience of college students in Pasadena, CA.

Kerry gave several histrionic press conferences today, in the last one shouting "I apologize to no one...!" That was after trying to spin his remarks as having been directed at President Bush... but his actual words yesterday give the lie to that spin.

Meanwhile, his fellow anti-war Senator from Massachusetts was also having to defend himself in the media for his aiding and abetting the U.S.S.R. during the Reagan years---as has just come out in a new book. Problem with Kennedy's denial is that the former Soviet Union's archives were opened and documents from it were released that show that Kennedy did offer to arrange for the American media to put out Breznev's propaganda---and, as the new book states, also Andropov's---in support of the U.S.S.R.'s position in the Cold War. (read about Paul Kengor's new book, "The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism," here and here.)

There are two postings in PelicanPost archives on this subject, posted along with the same picture you see above. I would like to see translated copies of all of those Soviet archival documents referring to Edward (Ted) Kennedy, who was already a U.S. Senator when he was undermining the Vietnam War, was a Senator when he undermined the Cold War and is now a Senator who undermines the Iraq war.

Seems to be a hard-left habit that neither of the Senators from Massachusetts are either able or willing to break.

I've heard of no further rants from John Kerry since this statement by President Bush tonight: "The Senator’s suggestion is insulting and shameful," Bush said. "The U.S. military men and women . . . they are plenty smart, and plenty brave, and the senator from Massachusetts owes them an apology... our troops deserve the full support of our government." here

The National Commander of the American Legion said this: "As a constituent of Senator Kerry's I am disappointed. As leader of The American Legion, I am outraged," said National Commander Paul A. Morin. "A generation ago, Sen. Kerry slandered his comrades in Vietnam by saying that they were rapists and murderers. It wasn't true then and his warped view of today's heroes isn't true now..." breitbart

The National Commander of AMVETs said this: “For the Senator to suggest that today’s United States military is made up of uneducated men and women who didn’t ‘study hard’ or ‘make an effort to be smart’ is ridiculous and appalling... The men and women in uniform today make up the most advanced, highly-educated force ever seen. To suggest otherwise is a slap in the face to every soldier, sailor, airman, Marine and Coast Guardsman who has spent countless hours working to better him or herself. This is also an insult to every person and organization who has worked tirelessly to provide our troops and their families with education benefits.

Senator Kerry should retract his remarks and apologize immediately... It is especially outrageous coming from a member of the U.S. Senate...” breitbart

Rep. John Boehner was on John Gibson's show on FNC, as they waited for Bush to speak about Kerry's remark. When Gibson asked Boehner if he thought Kerry would apologize, Boehner said he'd better, because "if he doesn't, we'll beat him up until he does..." I'm good with that.

Stay tuned, folks... This media-storm won't be ending any time soon. Personally, I'm delighted to see some heat on John Kerry for his arrogant faux pas grande---one week out from the election---reminding everyone why they voted the way they did in 2004. And why we absolutely must keep a Republican Congress---both House of Representatives and Senate.

Democrats are betting on the "come" in the election... to bring about the "self-fulfulling prophecy" they're laboring to create...

Democrats of the hard-left are betting on the success of this witch's brew creating enough confusion to obscure how many illegal aliens, illegitimate absentees, and dead people vote on November 7, 2006. Or how many military ballots they succeed in having thrown out.

Plus, they're hanging a lot on deceptive polls out there---complete with numbers derived from polls that over-sampled Democrats. You know what kind of manipulated polls I'm talkin' about--the ones for which you never get a list of questions or order of questions asked.

There are too many variables in polling and ways polling can be manipulated for political advantage---for any informed, intelligent person to take polls seriously. Especially external polls.

The important thing is to VOTE!

With all the threats to our national security, economy and sovereignty, this is no time to be apathetic and allow the socialist Democrats of the hard-left to dismantle successful new national security and economic measures that have been put into place by a Republican President and Republican Congress to protect America and the American people.

Or to put the obstructive Democrats in a position to control which judges are appointed and approved for the federal courts---especially the Supreme Court.

Check out this informative column, "Polling Profusion," by Michael Barone in today's WashingtonTimes.

(Hat tip to Paul Combs for political 'toon.)

Monday, October 30, 2006

Major mainstream media are increasingly hitting the skids... becoming irrelevant... and being rejected as a valid news source...

Why? Because they've been vigorously serving up all the news that's so unfit and unfair to print... that it can't even cast a shadow...!

And because what they print can do---and has done---dangerously irreparable harm.

Their impending demise is well-deserved and long overdue. Seems when credibility and ethics go, nothing else left matters...

Case in point on page 1A of the nytimes today, where they feature a horse-drawn cason with a flag-draped coffin moving through Arlington National Cemetery to bury a fallen member of the U.S. military who was killed by terrorists in Iraq. (Cason shown at drudgereport)

They do not feature the heroic American soldier, however. They use that dead soldier as an anti-war propaganda item to tout the violent month in Iraq, tout the high number of U.S. military deaths, and highlight that this was "little comfort to a 6-year-old girl weeping at the grave of her father, a mother clutching the flag from her son’s coffin, or a widow walking slowly through the rain behind her husband’s honor guard..." They even were so crass as to show a picture of that 6-year old child sobbing at the burial.

They made this front page news during the final run-up to the national election. And this is what the Times has been feeding a steady diet of to Americans and the world for the past 3 years---using flag-draped coffins and grieving families as props for their war against the Iraq War and the Bush Administration.

Depravity..., thy name is The New York Times...!

Major Democrat-hugging, yellow-rag journalism MSM newspapers are on the downhill slide... and they asked for it... BIG TIME...!

Is there any wonder that the increasingly radicalized hard-left MSM's readers have peeled off and divorced them---in hot pursuit of fair, balanced, documented, reliable news elsewhere?

Seems they don't understand that when they stick it to one-half or more of the American electorate, including U.S. troops fighting the War Against Terrorim... by assuming their ignorance... defaming their morals, values and religion... undermining their national security... and trying to indoctrinate them on a daily basis... they're gonna' get dropped faster than you can say blogosphere.

Below are some documented statistics to show the quagmire of quicksand the MSM have trooped right into while pushing their uber-liberal agenda. You can read the entire column at editorandpublisher:
"The Los Angeles Times reported that daily circulation fell 8% to 775,766. Sunday dropped 6% to 1,172,005.
The San Francisco Chronicle was down. Daily dropped 5.3% to 373,805 and Sunday fell 7.3% to 432,957.
The New York Times lost 3.5% daily to 1,086,798 and 3.5% on Sunday to 1,623,697. Its sister publication, The Boston Globe reported decreases in daily circulation, down 6.7% to 386,415 and Sunday, down 9.9% to 587,292.
The Washington Post lost daily circulation, which was down 3.3% to 656,297 while Sunday declined 2.6% to 930,619.
Circulation losses at The Wall Street Journal were on average, with daily down 1.9% to 2,043,235. However, the Weekend Edition suffered, circulation fell 6.7% to 1,945,830.
Daily circulation at USA Today slipped 1.3% to 2,269,509..."

CNN frags U.S. troops in Iraq... uses their assassination by terrorists to promote terrorist propaganda worldwide...

CNN thinks using video of Islamofascist terrorists murdering U.S. troops is the way to help their hard-left radical Democrat buddies take over the U.S. Congress...

And CNN's shill for anti-war Democrats, Wolf Blitzer, defends CNN's right to do so... insulting the intelligence and inherent decency of the American people by calling it "news..."

Now we can all see that CNN and its hard-left cronies are just an American extension of Islamofascism-promoting Al Jazeera...

Big question: Why...??

Republicans and Independents: Get thee to the polls on November 7 and show CNN et al that what they are prepared to frag U.S. troops for is not gonna' be a happenin' thang...!

(Hat tip to Mike Lester for political 'toon.)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Democrats now say "Cut and Run" does not mean "Cut and Run..."

The same cut and run Democrats who have been screaming for three years for U.S. troops to be pulled out of Iraq... now want American voters to believe their memories don't serve them right... that they didn't hear what they thought they heard... that Dems never really meant "cut and run..." and that "redeploy" troops out of Iraq didn't really mean "cut and run..."

They've taken weazy-sleaze Bill Clinton's infamous "it depends on what the word 'is' is" word-parsing scam and are trying to put it over on us again... In other words, they think we're tree bark stupid and shouldn't believe our own lyin' ears... or rely on our own lyin' memory...

Better luck in the next world cut'n'runners...!

(Hat tip to Cagle's for political 'toon.)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Democrats' white flag of surrender could bring about America's Waterloo...

Democrats are salivating to be back in power to raise their white flag of surrender to fly over the U.S. Congress and America as they dismantle the War Against Terrorism and the Bush tax cuts that have made the U.S. economy so strong and erased a huge portion of the national deficit.

I already voted... yesterday... to do my part to make sure that white flag of surrender never gets raised. Please go forth and do likewise.

(Hat tip to Michael Ramirez for political 'toon.)